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Meet our Leading Lady of Powersports Sales

Anissa Collins Director of Sales
Anissa Collins, PSXDigital National Sales Director

A roar can be heard from inside the depths of Powersports Extreme Digital's walls these days. A tenacious thunder with spirited energy – she’s a lethal mix of ridiculous smarts and big southern charm. Please help us welcome Anissa Collins, National Sales Director, to the PSXDigital team!


Officially, she’s an accomplished Management and Sales professional with over 25 years in the automotive software technology field. Anissa is highly recognized for driving positive results and creating teamwork to achieve success.

Experienced in every aspect of the dealership, she began to question a better way to manage the day-to-day challenges common in the industry. Her search to find the answer led her to the wild west of where brick and mortar vehicle sales and technology meet; software solutions that solved pain points she faced in the store daily.

A student of the business and propelled by continued growth and education, Anissa was led by the desire to seek solutions and show others. She jumped at the chance to join Powersports sales, a vertical in which she already had a passion.

“Being a part of someone’s success is what makes me successful,” is a mantra Anissa brings to PSXDigital. She carries it as a leader and in working directly with Powersports dealers nationwide. She’s made it her mission to share the power of the industry’s first and only CXMAi; a single-source Platform giving dealerships the ability to digitally engage more customers, convert more leads and sell more customer with the most complete sales and marketing automation technology.“It makes the most of EVERY opportunity!”


Unofficially, Anissa was born with a flair for adventure and a will made of grit and moxie. Her enterprising spirit comes naturally. She spends most of her spare time competing on her horse, riding her motorcycle and side-by-side gives her the same adrenaline rush. “It’s freeing and it resets your soul. You can’t buy a feeling like that on any given spa day.”

Given her lifelong hobby on the trails and on the road, it’s no wonder she’s found her place in the Powersports Extreme Digital world. Her extensive knowledge of automotive technology, thirst for innovation and love of motorsports is really her superpower. “Automotive might be an “A-word” in Powersports," she says. "But if they can do it we can do it. I don't take ‘No’ for an answer regarding overcoming the obstacles this industry presents. CXMAi is a solution that scales solutions, leaps and bound, over anything else out there."

"I’m absolutely excited to bring the opportunity to lead the next evolution in Powersports to dealers in this market FIRST. Why shouldn’t we be the next trailblazers in vehicle retailing? My goal is to ensure the technology in every marketing in addition to Powersports sales and marketing - and to have fun doing it!”

Anissa Collins, National Sales Director at PSXDigital,


By the way, Anissa is currently hiring her next Powersports sales rockstar team starting with an Area Sales Manager in the Midstates and West Coast regions. Self-starters, go-getters, true hunters and like-minded individuals who can share her PASSION FOR SUCCESS need only apply. Think you have what it takes? Send resumes directly to to find out.