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Get Better Results From Your Paid Search Marketing

"Our paid search campaigns have improved unbelievably! Cost Per Click (CPC) is down 60% and Click Through Rate is up over 300% but most importantly our lead conversion rate is up over 700%... WOW!"

Kelli Cordes, Marketing Director Edge Performance Sports

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Grow Your Business

Market like a team of ten for less than the cost of one! We do all the heavy lifting for you. We've analyzed over 50 million vehicle clicks to know what keywords to buy and what ad structure to set up. Your market evaluation tells us what locations to invest in and how much to start the bidding, you do what you do best - handle the leads and take care of customers.


Go Beyond Traditional Search Marketing

Facebook ads combined with search see a 16% higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and see a 26% higher conversion rate in email marketing. Paid Search Marketing isn't just about buying clicks anymore its finding the right combination of Display, Social Media Marketing and Remarketing to boost your Paid Clicks and your Email Marketing Efforts.


Get Programmatic

The AMP Automated Marketing Platform uses machine learning AI to take your Search Marketing to the next level. Monitoring cost per click, click through rates and lead conversion rates across 50,000+ keywords in 21 ad groups and thousands of display, remarketing and search ads to find the right combination of Keyword + Ad + Follow up to equal the highest possible conversion rate at the lowest possible cost per click.

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Getting More Leads!

Or just give us a call at 844-779-4333!

All-in-ONE Inventory Management & Marketing Service for your Store, you don't need a Marketing Team When You Have A Partner

Inventory Image Capture

Anyone in your dealership can capture actual professional photos of your inventory from any smartphone. Actual photos convert leads 6X higher than stock photos.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory like a pro, know what's in stock how long, how many, turn rate, days supply and total investment right from your phone. Know what to order when you need it, what is assembled and needs to be in order to keep the right inventory moving.

Market Pricing Analytics

Become a pricing guru. See the market prices your competitors are listing in craigslist, Cycletrader and Ebay Motors and price competitively to drive more leads.

Inventory Syndication

Send inventory to craigslist, Cycletrader and Ebay Motors automatically. Edit and update from a central application, have an inventory with actual pictures for new vehicles and trade-ins in all the sites your customers shop in…. literally in seconds.

Professional Trade-in Appraisal

Never miss another trade-in. Bring NADA values, NPA values and see how your dealership has performed with each trade you take in. Our simple grading system tells you if you should keep or auction a trade-in

Guaranteed Buy Bid

Selling trades your dealership can't use has never been easier. With PSXDigital's partnership with NPA (National Power Sports Auction) you can get instant buy bids on any trade in less than 30 minutes right to your smart phone.

Relational Marketing Database

Your existing customers unlocked from your DMS, cleansed, updated with email, mobile phone numbers appended then segmented ready for marketing. Your CRM data imported, updated and appended with email and mobile phone automatically each day. Leads collected in a central database, updated and cleansed and ready for automated follow up. Phone calls captured and brought straight to your sales person’s mobile smart phone with screen pops that guide the salesperson though getting all of the right follow-up information.

Marketing Evaluation

Data driven marketing requires that you know your top sales by year, make, model, new and used. Top trade-ins by year, make and model. Your dealership top selling zip codes and cities as well as your top servicing zip codes and cities. Without this information how can anyone possibly begin to target your marketing. You have it at your fingertips with PSXDigital.

Predictive Analytics

Stop trying to guess when customers are in the market and what messages they want to see… you don't have to do that. PSXDigital predictive analytics take all of the data on your customers and accurately predicts when your dealership should make an offer, how much equity they might have, what offers your dealership should make and what vehicles they may buy… AUTOMATICALLY!

Email Marketing

High converting email Communication and Marketing templates provided to your dealership customized for you. Constantly tested campaign's that drive traffic, leads and sales to your dealership and gain and retain more customers.

SMS Customer Communication & Notification

Don't just shout marketing messages at your visitors and customers, talk to them with SMS communications and notifications they happily opt into and bring highly relevant messages directly to them based on their behavior with your marketing.


Own your website don't lease it from a provider. Get better SEO when you control it. Wordpress powers almost 30% of the websites on the internet. PSX leverages that power to bring your dealership the highest performing websites in Powersports and we back it up with a lead increase GUARANTEE.


Onsite (Technical SEO) and Offsite (Content SEO) that is data driven so that we find the highest converting keywords and rank your site above your competition where it counts the most.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Online Marketing

PPC integrated to your Marketing Evaluation that targets the right store branded and product branded keywords placing your PPC budget with the highest possible converting and sales keywords in the highest possible converting and sales zip codes.

Social Media Marketing and Monitoring

: Market in the most visible places online: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Monitor those platforms for mentions and relevant conversations, engage with customers and potential customers and track posts for the highest engaging content and times.

Reputation Management

Manage your dealership's online reputation in real-time and engage with customers to keep them happy with your dealership and want to tell others about their great experience with your store.

Marketing Automation

Reduce your dealership’s dependency on CRM systems run by salespeople that don't always follow-up when needed. Marketing Automation never sleeps, never forgets, and is constantly tracking customers and immediately following up ALL THE TIME. PSXDigital Marketing Automation uses each lead’s behavior to tailor emails, content and offers for true 1-to-1 marketing on a large scale.

Automated Lead Management (ALMa)

Never miss another lead again and contact leads within 5 min of lead submission with out Automated Lead Management application (ALMa). ALM automates the lead contact process by calling your sales or BDC force and delivering lead information right over the phone within seconds of submission. Then connecting the dealership representative directly to the customer and recording the call (where legal). Lead dispositions are taken directly over the phone after the call completes and management is immediately notified, there will never be an excuse to miss a lead again.

Grow your business like you have a marketing team 3 times your size.

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