Listen to what Jesse Maahs at Performance Powersports & Marine had to say on the game changing technology PSXDigital Powersports CRM Technology has done for them. Here we do a deep dive into 6 key factors that has helped them make the ultimate decision of joining PSXDigital.


I think it was a progression, the customer is different now today as they were 10 years ago and Amazon, cell phones, Walmarts have ruined patience basically. So, when a customer submits a lead, they want an immediate response. Well those responses can only happen in a certain amount of time by a certain amount of people.

The salespeople, we can’t expect them to memorize or keep in touch with 20 to 30 different customers just off the top of their heads. We really looked for our system that was going to collect customer’s data and then walk them through the sales process. But we were getting programs or systems that we would collect the data, but it didn’t push them any further than that. It was just collecting data, working a deal, and then it was gone. There was nothing past that.

That’s what PSX Powersports CRM Technology solved for us, is not only collecting the data but also pushing the salespeople through the process on each individual customer. Because if Larry comes up and he’s in step one and we want to push Larry from step one all the way through sold. But then John and David come in right behind them. I can’t expect my salesperson to remember what Larry deal happened, what step they’re on, and push them all the way through. So PSX really solve the piecing together the data collection and pushing through the sale.


Collecting more information is always key. The more you get, enabled to put in, the more you’re going to get out of it. And you’re right, a guy walking up or a salesman and walking up to a customer and saying, “Hey, you know, Larry,” and not pushing him through to collect more information. There are sometimes waiting on a written worksheet. So, Larry, there’s no reason to ask any other information until they sit down at the desk. Larry could stand there and talk to a salesperson for 30, 45 minutes and without a manager that is hyper aware of what’s going on, that piece of paper, will never get Larry’s name on it until they sit down.

But with this, you’re capturing that information because not everybody is ready to sit down talk numbers. Not everybody is in that last stage of their purchasing process, but that’s what’s key. And that’s what helped us was, we were able to grab a customer at step one and then give them all the information that they need to do their research or whatever step that they were in, but also keep in touch with them and following up with them to capture them or get them right when they’re about to buy. No other dealership will do that, but no other program provides that either.


This day and age, a manager sitting… I don’t care if your title is desk manager, sales manager or myself, a general sales manager. They’re always traveling throughout the dealership, especially a high-volume store.

There’s no way that a manager can sit at their desk 24 seven or while they’re at work and watch the floor as it should be. This isn’t a big brother type, but it is something that I can go do, whatever I need to do throughout the dealership. But also, be in touch with notifications on my phone of when my sales guys take a customer, if they get an alert that, “Hey, Johnny hasn’t collected data from the customer in 20 minutes.” I know I need to stop my task and go get updated on where they’re at in the deal.

Being able to use that is key. I may be in a meeting and to know what’s going on in the floor even though I’m not there, but just from me personally, I’m this crazy guy that wants to know every second of every day on the sales floor. As management, I want to know the customer’s conversation with a customer. I want to know where you’re at with a customer, how can I come in and help? How can we get this sold and keep the heartbeat of the deal up is what I call it.

PSX Powersports CRM Technology allows us to keep that heartbeat going because it’s a natural progression. Again, you’re collecting the customer’s data and then the system forces that salesperson to walk through and if they get stuck, a manager can come in. The accountability and just hyper awareness that I require as a manager, it’s very easy with the system and other managers can do the same.


The drop an unsold field and the way that you’re able to break it down into payments were too high or we didn’t have the unit or the list of things that are on, you never have this one or if you do, it’s a freak accident. But you never have that one guy who is suddenly just not interested. There has been something that happened along the line to make him not purchase, whether it’s, “I need more information.” Or the salesperson could smell bad.

But you never know, and you can actually put that information into the system. Then I see it and I may know what’s coming in. If it’s a unit that we didn’t have here, I know one’s coming in. I could reach out to the customer and say, “Hey, just to let you know, a salesperson X didn’t know that that unit was coming in. Then I can turn the lead back on and put a follow up reminder for the salesperson. And put a note in there, “Hey, the unit that he is looking for is on the way, or I’m about to trade a unit.”

You know, a salesperson B, could be about to trade a used unit that would fit right in those parameters. If a payment’s too high, management may have worked a deal on a Foursquare and salesperson didn’t know how to handle it.

That’s the excuse that they gave, but if I call and introduce myself as X manager; the customer will open up 15 times more than they will for a salesperson. It could have been the unit. We were on the wrong unit. The salesperson put them on the wrong unit. They didn’t want to tell the salesperson that, so now the managers on the phone. Now they can get immediate answers. That management title, all of a sudden gives them, “Oh wow. I can get all the information that I want or get the perfect unit that I want,” and they’re not really bashful to management.


Well, 10 years from now this business is going to be different than it was today. Just as it was 10 years ago. It’s leaps and bounds above where it was 10 years ago today.

The system will… It’ll be the system that we want as long as we, each day today, put in good information. So the system will be everything that we want it to be plus some in 10 years. As long as we put good information in right now, but as far as technology is concerned and everything like that, all I see is systems to enhance a shorter selling process, a shorter time that the salesperson interacts, but also you’re going to have twice the population that’s in the market for units like this that have zero patience, so they’re going to want information right then even more so than now, but they’re going to shop different places.

Statistics show that the next generation coming up and then the next one and the next one, are basically saying they’re going to shop everywhere. Nothing’s going to tie them to a specific place, so you have to be separated by the programs that you have.


You have to take a look at PSX right from the jump, because you have to evolve with the customer. The customer’s changing every single day, so why are we not changing every single day? The worst thing you can say is, “Oh, we’ve always done it this way.” Now you have to break yourself out of that mold if you want to go to the next level.

Yes, you can stay with your system that you have right now and continue to log them and do things the way that it’s always been done because you’re comfortable, but that’s not going to take you into the next age or the next 10 years of being successful in business, because if the customer’s changing every second of every day, your programs have to change every second of the day. Your sales process has to change every second of every day and you have to adapt to that.

My personal opinion before I knew about PSX & their Powersports CRM Technology. It was just that yearning and wanting to have a program that is just like this. It was amazing the first 10 seconds that we sat down at the show. Then they started to tell us what these problems could solve.

The sales rep there was saying, “Oh I bet your salesperson thinks like this or they don’t do that.” And I’m over here, “Yes, that’s exactly right.”

“Well, here’s the solution to that.” And I was hooked from the start! If you’re wanting to keep up with the age of the customer. You have to look at PSX, because there’s no other ones like theirs. It’s a power sports driven, made for power sports. It’s definitely a tool. I don’t remember life before it.

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