Brett Paul, General Sales Manager at Southern Devil Harley-Davidson in Cartersville, GA, explains how the introduction of the PSXDigital platform has transformed their sales process and increased profits.

“The biggest benefit to PSXD is their integrated platform. They’re kind of a one-stop-shop. Everything is wrapped up into one: Website, Talon DMS (Harley-Davdison's Dealership Management System) integration, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and more. The fact that all those things are wrapped into one package and they all work together seamlessly was the biggest selling point for us," said Brett.



Southern Devil Harley-Davidson made the switch to Powersports Extreme Digital (PSXDigital) in January 2019. In only six months, they report the following numbers over their previous provider:

  • 131% increase in online leads 
  • Decrease in lead response time from 2 hours to less than 8 min
  • Ability to connect with 80% of leads submitted in actual conversation
  • Appointments have more than doubled
  • 78% appointment show rate with an average 80% closing
  • Increase in overall sales by over 10%

Read below to find out more about how the PSXDigital CXMAi Platform (Customer Experience Management powered by Artificial Intelligence) has directly affected that kind of improvement as the store's GM, Brett Paul, breaks it down.


“The biggest impact in the sales process is that it’s streamlined," continued Brett Paul. It’s faster and less cumbersome for the salespeople. They no longer have to leave the customer on the floor unattended to run to a laptop and input information or run to an office to grab a sales brochure. So they have more contact with the customer and spend more time building rapport. Once they do get to the point where they're ready to sit down and start talking numbers, it's a very quick process: they log in, hit print and the paperwork comes to directly to my desk. There’s no more stall in the process and the administrative work has been eliminated for the salesperson."

CXMAi is designed to secure the deal from the start. It begins by connecting dealerships with their customers before they even walk in the store and continues to never miss a chance to desk them once they arrive. Automatic workflows deliver intentional content while real-time sales alerts help close the sale.

In a nutshell, Brett reported that the PSXDigital CXMAi Platform:

  • Streamlines the sales process
  • Speeds up the sales process
  • Is more efficient
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Allows salespeople to spend more time with their customer


ALMA is the name given to the Artificial Intelligence driver from which the CXMAi platform is based. "ALMA is tough. She's a bit of a tattletale," said Brett. This description is accurate, as ALMA puts the spotlight on the day-to-day operations for salespeople to stay accountable to the sales process, to their usage of the platform and to dealership management. 

Brett said he appreciates the fact that he can log into the CXMAi dashboard and have visibility into what a salesperson is doing with a customer in real-time, without the need to physically interrupt the conversation. He is even able to assist the sale by sending an internal text message to the salesperson.

"The communication features in the platform is perfect. At first we were worried about the customer being put off by the salesperson using their cell phone, but we train our salespeople to involve the customer in the interaction so that it’s actually perceived as a pretty impressive tool!"

Brett gave an example of this in action.

"They (the salesperson) can instantly show the customer the exact motorcycle they are asking to see and walk the customer through inputting their information into the phone or an iPad on the spot. Once we get the customer involved, the cell phone becomes a working tool."

Brett said that the ALMA-assisted CRM works within the Sales Process seamlessly. It is now easier for the dealership to manage follow-ups and easier to manage their customers without the need to rely on salespeople manually input data. He described this further as it applies specifically to Southern Devil Harley-Davidson:

"There's a lot of things that happen automatically so customers don't get lost by the wayside. A big problem a lot of salespeople have with other CRMs is that they forget to schedule a follow-up for a certain customer. That customer then goes into what we refer to as the orphan list. That doesn't happen with PSXDigital's platform. With CXMAi, customers will always get a follow-up, no matter what. Even if the salesperson doesn't do it, ALMA does. Customers don't get lost in the mix.



Brett goes back to how the platform has streamlined the ways in which he is able to help manage his salespeople from a single dashboard.

"I don’t have to log into multiple sites like NADA to pull a trade value. It's all right there at my fingertips. Instead of having to physically watch the floor when a salesperson is talking to a customer, I can see what’s happening in the system. It gives me that situational awareness so I can focus on Desking in the deal in front of me or being available elsewhere. I know that the CXMAi is in the background helping me keep the salespeople on task."

This consolidated view reaches far beyond just the floor.

"We've always managed by numbers and utilized transactional data. The system has really made this a lot easier. The reports are all right there in front of us in real time. It’s a lot more simple to use and a lot more effective."


Although Southern Devil Harley-Davidson officially started on the PSXDigital CXMAi platform in January, they took advantage of an early implementation by getting a jump start in the system by familiarizing themselves for a week prior to Onsite Trainers arrived at the store. While some dealership management might be hesitant to undergo a major technology shift, Brett said it was just a matter of allowing the staff to "get their feet wet".

The system is not incredibly hard to use. There are some intricacies that, once trained, allow you to be more effective. So the key for us was just getting in and grinding away at it. We're having a great year and we started with PSXD in January with no other changes, so I would say that it’s helped us grow.  


Brett reported that many of his sales staff was initially apprehensive with installing an upgraded system. They were particularly worried about the ALMA functionality potentially making them feel micromanaged.  They quickly moved past those concerns and realized that ALMA actually helped guide them through the sales process versus hindering their progress.

"They all really grabbed ahold of it. The biggest shift was getting them focused on using the system consistently. Then, ALMA really takes over that consistency for them. So the moment they all complained about it was really the moment we knew we had made the right decision with PSXD."



Brett reiterates his appreciation for an integrated platform as he begins to talk about Inventory Management, particularly in the ability to access information with a single sign-in, eliminating the need to run reports through multiple sources. CXMAi consolidates the information all in one place. He gives the following example:

"So when I’ve got a motorcycle that’s been here for awhile or maybe one that’s slightly overpriced on the website - all that information is in a single view so I can really make adjustments on the fly. It’s helped us maintain our inventory turns and is super effective. Especially for us, being on Talon, everything interacts with each other. The use of the website through PSXD is seamless. I don't even worry about it. It's fluid and we know that it's all working in the background.

When compared to his previous provider, Brett has been gracious to the Support Team at PSXDitial.

"If there is an issue, the support team is very quick to fix it. It’s really less headache than our website maintenance was before. Communication is much more effective. It just all happens on its own. 

He continued:

"Response is instant. Anytime we've had an issue or needed technical support, I can call text or email and the support staff at PSXD is very prompt and reliable. On the Saturdays and Sundays that matter, I've never had to wait more than five to ten minutes to get an answer back and they immediately start working."

"They've been very responsive with our specific requests and with any changes we needed to the system as well. We are fairly high maintenance and for the most part, anything we've asked for has been addressed and fixed - or we've provided a thorough explanation that it might be a slow process with an integration - but there's not been any issue with that whatsoever.



Southern Devil Harley-Davidson was not short-sighted when they chose Powersports Extreme Digital as their preferred dealership technology provider. While the overall platform has its clear benefits, Brett gives accolades to the power of artificial intelligence and gives credit to ALMA as his secret sales weapon. 

"For us, the biggest benefit is going to be the fact that years down the road ALMA is helping our salespeople maintain relationships with our customers. So by the time they're ready to trade in, that repeat business and referral business from those same customers will be a lot easier to get back in the door." 


"We were officially launched with PSX in January. Since January, our sales have been up over 10%. The only thing that's changed for us is that we are now using the PSX platform."

"For me personally, CXMAi includes all the high points of what we are used to in a CRM and all the things we want out of a CRM without any of the bad parts of the CRM. Meaning that a lot of the things that we've had complaints with other CRMs we've been with in the past have not been an issue with PSXD. The big thing is that PSXD has been able to deliver on everything they've said.

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