PSXDigital + The Sales Process

Secure the deal from the start. Connect with your customers before they walk in your store and never miss a chance to desk them when they get there; automatic workflows deliver intentional content while real-time sales alerts help close the sale.  Get ahead with a motorsports sales process for your dealership!

Get control of your sales process today! 


With our Ai technology, connecting with your customer & creating engagement from the first step is crucial. Our automated system will prevent the overlook of customers' needs, by providing valuable information for what they are seeking. Don’t wait around to have your competition take your customer. With our real-time dashboard, management can see firsthand the connection from the initial lead all throughout the process to the final sale helping improve the motorsports sales process. 


With our automatic workflow, PSXDigital delivers high quality & relevant content in real-time to help close the sale. Guiding the sales team in utilizing their valuable time to work with customers throughout the sales process.  


No need to wait around for what is happening on your showroom floor. With our real-time alerts, you have your entire sales team in the palm of your hands. Offering a full 360° Sales Process within your dealership in real-time. 

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