How can we help you?

Please submit your request before 4 pm ET during normal business hours to hear back from us within 4 hours.  If you submit your request after 4pm ET you should hear back from us within 4 hours on the next business day.

CRM Support

Questions or requests pertaining to your PSX CRM.

  • Why am I not receiving Alma calls for leads?
  • My leads are not firing.
  • Help with CRM forms
  • Processing or Printing Documents
  • Dispositioning Leads
  • Help with my Dashboard
  • Help with Customer contact record
  • Email/SMS functionality

Inventory Management

Having trouble with the inventory manager? Please let us assist.

  • Need Help Uploading Images?
  • Inventory not displaying correctly?
  • Inventory not showing on the website correctly?
  • All of my units are not showing
  • How do I change pricing?
  • DMS updating

Website Support

Submit a website update,
correction, or addition.

  • Need to add an event, banner, or new page to your website?
  • Add additional SEO content to a website page?
  • Correct information on the website?
  • Add a new OEM?
  • Add additional Google Analytics or html?
  • General questions about the page design or presentation of information.

General Questions

For all other general help questions, please tell us how we can help.

  • Hired a new employee or someone left your dealership?
    • Activate/Deactivate Online Training Courses.
    • Add/Delete Access to PSX.
    • Add/Remove Virtual #.
    • Add/Remove Lead Routing.
    • Reassign Leads to Someone Else.
  • Need your PSX Password Reset?
  • Does PSX Host your Emails?
    • Add/Forward an Email Address.
    • Help with Troubleshooting Emails.
  • Other General Questions?
    • Need to set-up a New Lead Source.
    • Need assistance with Training.
    • Questions re: ALMA Phase 1-3 Communications.
    • PSX Technical Issues.