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Watch what Rory Kelly has to say when he identifies bad habits on a dealership level. From having an outside view going in helps management identify what may be falling behind that they are unaware of. With Rory's experience & fresh view as a Performance Xpert he is able to assist & advise powersports breaking bad habits.

Breaking a bad habit is always a challenge however when tools are not available to help with creating good effective habits can damage a sales team. Preventing your sales team the technology that offers the Marketing Automation & Ai (Artificial Intelligence) takes the heavy lifting away from the sales person.

Many managers will give up on trying to fight a never ending battle of trying to get their old school sales staff to change their ways. Which causes the salesperson to do their own way of business, but never look at the possible future business.  With new technology being introduced, offering it as a great and effective solution for all can help them get out of the wood work of bad habits.

New technology that is available & have the marketing automation makes the sales process easier, faster & efficient to the dealership, sales team member & most importantly, THE CUSTOMER.

With the new innovative way to keep in touch with customers 24/7 by ALMA (Automated Lead Management Assistant) assist in follow-ups, reminders, appointments, etc.

Are you ready to get your sales team to break the bad habits? Watch the video below as Rory Kelly covers an in-depth view of how you can help your powersports dealerships succeed.

Breaking Bad Habits in Powersports Sales & How New Technology Benefits Everyone!

Rory Kelly & Jen Schrader

We have all been there with a Bad Habit or 2! But when it effects your powersports dealership you need to jump on board before your customers are no longer there to buy. With powersports breaking bad habits in sales is not just an overnight success. It takes time, encouragement, benefits & the right tools!

  • What do you say to management when you recognize bad habits of sales?
  • Why should I care?
  • That's fine... I am tired of fighting them over it, so I gave up!
  • Does this really effect my dealership as a whole?
  • I have my own system in place & don't need any new tools!

CXMAi gives the ability to automatically market to customers using ALMA. Ensuring the salesperson is always in touch with their customer base without even lifting a finger! It's basically a personal assistant which takes care of you & your customers with so much more!

Rory Kelly explains in detail of how he approaches powersports dealerships on how CXMAi can benefit the dealer regardless if you are old school or not. The suggestions and input Rory has is hands down beneficial to any Powersports Dealership looking to improve ways to help sell more & break those bad habits!

Watch our video as we dive into why it's crucial to your dealership!


Do you want to know more about PSXDigital & how it can benefit your powersports dealership? Our CXMAi platform is your answer!

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