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Watch our video below to get up front & personal on when your sales team gets off track & how you can correct it. CXMAi offers a full range of Powersports Sales Team Data to look at & identify which team member is struggling & what are they are struggling with.

Having a fully automated CRM in place can help your sales team stay on track and at the same time providing accountability.  With the technology put in place of the Powersports Sales Team Data being offered in the CXMAi platform, it's seamless features benefits the management team on where assistance is needed to guide a strong sales force.

Are you not knowing where to look to see if your team is struggling? Is there a fear in realizing you may have lost track of your team?

The information & data provided can help you & your sales team build the necessary skillsets you may be missing out on. Don't have your sales team suffer because at the end of the day the ones that suffer the most is your customers that are not coming back.

Are you ready to get your team back on track. Watch the video below as Ryan Gentry covers a large range of items to help your powersports dealerships succeed.

Getting your sales team back on track - Why having the data is imperative to your teams success!

Ryan Gentry & Jen Schrader

As we know many Powersports Dealerships have experienced their sales team getting off track from one time or another. In those times many factors come in play of:

  • How do you approach this while maintaining an effective sales force?
  • What do I look for?
  • It's ok... he has been here forever and does his own thing!
  • Does this effect my dealership as a whole?
  • It takes too much time to find out, so lets just keep doing what we are doing.

CXMAi gives the ability to view data which offers a full view of activities, follow-ups, leads, phone calls & sales. Having this can key point the struggles your sales team is having and / or experiencing.

Ryan Gentry explains in detail of what he looks for while offering suggestions on actions you can take to get your team back on track.

Watch our video as we dive into why it's crucial to your dealership!


Do you want to know more about PSXDigital & how it can benefit your powersports dealership? Our CXMAi platform is your answer!

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