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Ever wonder what the Powersports Vendor Reduction is and how it can open your eyes to a dealership, salesperson or even as a vendor?

John Bottone dives in with providing many benefits to how this can help provide a glisten of light of product value including overall cost.  All dealerships should have this available and handy to them when viewing their overall budget, vendor list and so much more.

Getting back to basics with one single platform that handles it all for a dealership is powerful. There is no need to waste time having multiple logins, no streamline of communication & no idea what is working best for the Powersports dealership.

With this insightful information provided by John on how he establishes his knowledge with his direct sales team and with the dealership management themselves.

Placing irrelevant products to a client is harmful to them. Yes, we agree they had very strong salespeople in place delivering a poor product which caused a damaging relationship...... THE CUSTOMER IS #1....!

Are you ready to know the difference between a Job vs. Career and how follow-up can attribute to lifelong success in sales? Watch the video below as Danny James goes in-depth on how you can help your Powersports sales team succeed.

Vendor Reduction - Unnecessary Tools vs. Effective Tools!

John Bottone & Jen Schrader

As we jump into details regarding the Powersports Vendor Reduction, we have to sit back and ask ourselves; How can we help our clients achieve their goals? We have developed a solution that offers 1 single login to handle all that is needed to help improve sales, sales teams, desking and so much more.  This is where the Vendor Reduction comes in play. We are not looking to make a $ off our clients, we are providing a solution to help them improve their process & be a partner for life!

  • Do you know what you are spending on all your products?
  • How many different logins do you have to use?
  • Do you know the value of the products you are using?
  • How are you tracking your ROI?
  • Is your staff out of the loop on what tools you actually have?

CXMAi gives the ability to have one single login that is streamlined for all products within it. There is no hassle of what is what, where is what & why.  When building relationships with customers & our partners we want to ensure we are here to help them sell more. Not just toss a pretty product on your lap.

With John's background and experience, he dives into describe and offer excellent tips on how he achieves relationship building, managing the sales team & most importantly offering/providing a product to a potential Powersports dealership to achieve their goals. SELL MORE!

Watch our video as we explain the value of the Powersports Vendor Reduction!


Do you want to know more about PSXDigital & how it can benefit your powersports dealership? Our CXMAi platform is your answer!

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