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PSXDigital understands the difficulties that are faced when overseeing & managing multiple locations. 

We have seen too many times the struggles. We listened & went into action!

By helping our Dealer Partners the ability to connect the dots, build stronger teams, close more deals & deliver a seamless buying experience. 

1st Generation BDC Software

"The first generation BDC software for PSXDigital clients embodies best-of-breed abilities & marks a historic first for the entire industry." - Larry Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder of PSXDigital. 

You're in GOOD HANDS!

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PSXDigital 1st Generation BDC Software

We listened to our Dealer Partners who expressed the need for Multi-Store functionality!

+ Features

Multi-Store Lead Assignment Functionality! 

Enhanced Multi-Location Call Assignments!

Efficient BDC Management

Single Digital Location

Advanced Record Matching

+ Benefits

Ability to assign leads across all stores under the brand's umbrella from a single login, simplifying and streamlining sales & administration!

No longer the need to struggle with call assignments & the ability to share inventory across all stores!

View follow-ups, appointments, calendars including reassignment to different users, change dates & much more across all locations.

Sales, Admin & Management gain At-A-Glance access to all data!

Eliminates challenges of customer matching records & purchase histories with advanced record matching capabilities.



"Our 1st-Generation BDC Software provides dealers with the advantages & abilities they have been lacking." - Larry Bruce

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