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Have you wondered what the difference is between a Job or Career? Or is there even one? Danny James and Jen Schrader go in depth of the differences and how you can take control of being successful in powersports sales.

Looking into the positive side of the longevity mindset compared to the short term, a career can be beneficial not to just yourself however for your customers as well. With the customer changing quickly with technology at hand it is imperative to be on your game to create a lasting relationship.

With powersport dealerships in todays economy they’re always looking for new people with certain personal skills. They want to make sure that when a salesperson is representing the dealership that they are doing so in a favorably way & a lot of that just comes down to being able to have those people skills & have a conversation today.

As many will tie in those two terms Career & Job together, it is important to know of the difference. To be successful in powersports sales. New technology advancements have helped dealerships succeed & most importantly the sales team.

Are you ready to know the difference between a Job vs. Career and how follow-up can attribute to a lifelong success in sales? Watch the video below as Danny James goes in-depth view of how you can help your powersports  sales team succeed.

Job vs. Career. Is there even a difference? And How Follow-Up Can Attribute To A Lifelong Success In Sales!

Danny James & Jen Schrader

As we jump into sales, we may look at it as a job that you clock-in & clock-out. However, if you really look at the entire picture of having a great success in sales, you will want to look at it as a career! Is there even a difference? YES!

  • Doesn't a Job & Career mean the same thing?
  • Why should I care?
  • My customers will always come back to me regardless!
  • Customer Experience is old school!
  • Why should engagement with new stores be important?

CXMAi gives the ability to automatically take care of the follow-up process to help you focus on your career & customer experience.  Representing yourself & the dealership is a key to having a successful career!

Danny James explains in detail of the differences including how follow-up can attribute to having customers come back time and time again. With having the right technology & the tools can offer much more than just plugging in a name.

With Danny's background experience & skills, you don't want to miss out on this conversation Jen Schrader has with him regarding the topic.

Watch our video as we dive into why it's crucial to yourself as a salesperson!


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