Stop Chasing Leads and Salespeople

Dealers can’t expect their sales manager to spend their entire day running behind their salespeople and following up on every single lead and interaction. That’s not a sales manager’s job, even though we sometimes think it is. One issue is that dealers need to capture all the prospects and leads possible, which may include making…

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What Could a Chevy Corvette ZR2 Off-Road Coupe Look Like?

The recent unveilings of all-terrain sports cars like the Porsche 911 Dakar and the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato had us thinking about what other likely candidates in the mid- and rear-engine category might choose to battle these two in the dirt, sand, and mud. The first thing that came to mind was an American mid-engined car—the…

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CRMs Are More Than Just Knowing How to Use a Computer

customer retention rate

Posted December 2nd, 2022 by Arnold Tijerina Many people were initially put into the role of overseeing technology or Internet sales, or the CRM, because they knew how to use a computer. Back in the day, that was more than enough to qualify someone for this role. Unfortunately, that’s no longer good enough. Everyone on…

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