Using Technology to Upgrade Your Sales Process

upgraded sales process

Marketing is the first touchpoint in the customer journey. Therefore, it makes sense that it plays an integral role in helping to define the sales process. The sale starts with the first contact and that impression is one that can make all the difference in your success. Every customer has a different need or expectation.

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Breaking Away from Bad Habits and Ineffective Sales Processes

ineffective sales process

In today’s sales world, things are changing whether you like it or not. Instead of balking, the best thing that you can do is lean into it. Part of that is breaking away from all of those old ineffective solutions and bad habits that you’ve let sit for so long.

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Automotive VS Powersports

We spent a lot of time dealing with Automotive dealerships over the past 20 years and helping them with customer relationship Management systems. But really honestly, what do you think is different when it comes to Powersports? Why is it such a different atmosphere and a different venue from what we’ve done in the past?

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Customer Loyalty

Do you see a lot of loyalty to the individual sales person the way you did in automotive? And, do you see a level of loyalty to the individual store?

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Competitive Advantage

What can a salesperson do?  What does a salesperson need to change about their day in day out activities to take advantage of that, if you will?  If it’s that way for them, it’s that way for everyone.

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