Revamping Vehicle Dealership Strategies for Success in A Transformative Era

In the dynamic landscape of vehicle dealerships, where inflation and shifting consumer behaviors challenge the market, the opportunity for innovation and success has never been greater. The challenges stemming from rising costs, evolving consumer preferences, and an increasingly competitive market have forced the rethinking of vehicle dealership strategies. With proper insights and preparation, there’s a…

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Mastering Vehicle Dealership Marketing with the Power of Email, Automation, and AI

vehicle dealership marketing

When you think about the future, images of flying cars, robotic assistants, and digital realities might spring to mind. But even more captivating is the seamless vehicle-buying experience currently reshaping the vehicle dealership industry. Email marketing, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) are thrusting this industry into a bold new era. These technologies aren’t just tools—they’re…

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The Importance of Sales Call Tracking

Posted December 14th, 2022 by Arnold Tijerina Speaking of sales, there’s a lot of loss if you don’t manage your phones properly. Are dealers tracking sales calls? And how are they doing it? That can have a huge impact on the level of engagement and interaction with customers, as well as the overall close rate…

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What About the Employee Experience?

Yes, dealerships need to be focused on delivering the best possible customer experience. That’s the whole reason CRMs were created—or at least a large part of it. But what about the employee experience? What about making their experience in the dealership and in their sales position better? If you can create that mentality and embrace…

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Stop Chasing Leads and Salespeople

Dealers can’t expect their sales manager to spend their entire day running behind their salespeople and following up on every single lead and interaction. That’s not a sales manager’s job, even though we sometimes think it is. One issue is that dealers need to capture all the prospects and leads possible, which may include making…

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CRMs Are More Than Just Knowing How to Use a Computer

customer retention rate

Posted December 2nd, 2022 by Arnold Tijerina Many people were initially put into the role of overseeing technology or Internet sales, or the CRM, because they knew how to use a computer. Back in the day, that was more than enough to qualify someone for this role. Unfortunately, that’s no longer good enough. Everyone on…

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Technology Advancements That are Reshaping the Dealership Experience

desking process

Posted November 30th, 2022 by Arnold Tijerina Right now, there have been a ton of technology advancements that are shaping the customer experience and dealership experience on a day-to-day basis. It’s been nearly impossible for many dealers to keep up. Not only that, but right now, dealers have plenty of demand for business so they…

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The Evolution of the CRM

Posted November 28th, 2022 by Arnold Tijerina Look at the dynamics of early-generation CRM platforms. They did solve problems and provide a variety of solutions, but there is a lack of accommodation for where we are today. How many CRMs have you seen in just the past five years that have been influenced by innovation,…

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The Value of the Modern CRM and Its Role in the Future

Posted November 21st, by Arnold Tijerina Powersports and automotive dealers have been facing a lot of different issues in the past few years, including many that we’ve covered in previous podcasts, blogs, and other content. The interruptions, bumps in the market, constant changes, and unexpected turns—all of these things add up and they are exposing…

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