A 4×4 School Bus With a NP271, HP Dana 60, Locker, and 37s? Yes, Please!

Steven Merrill needed a daily driver 4x4 that could also haul his family of six to the backcountry, so he modded a Ford E-450 school bus.

After driving the bus home to North Carolina, Steven wasted no time getting the Thomas Built bus converted to four-wheel drive using a NP271 T-case and a high-pinion Dana 60 among other components. From there, it's been a steady evolution of upgrades, with the ultimate end goal of creating something that his family can take on off-road camping adventures. We got a chance to check out the bus on private quarry property as well as on a recent shore-fishing excursion the Merrell's took on the East Coast. Not only were we blown away by the size and execution of the build, but the kid inside of us rejoiced at the fact that the stop sign and lights remain fully functional.

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