Meet SAMe: The New Automated Smart Marketing Engine from PSXDigital

smart automated marketing engine

Hi... My name is SAMe!

SAMe stands for Smart Automated Marketing Engine, and this handy little tool does exactly that. There are numerous features included to assist with a thorough cleaning of your dealership's database, giving you the chance to have the cleanest, most on-point database so that you can start fresh with in-house lead generation from your existing customer base.


Once you've got everything cleaned up, SAMe will also be able to help create effective drip campaigns or targeted remarketing campaigns that are based on whatever criteria you have in mind. This could include things like:

  • Customer behavior
  • Website activity
  • Transaction history
  • Service history
  • Searches
  • And more!

INVESTING TIME IS HEREsmart automated marketing engine

None of this remarketing and lead generation can be done if you don’t first take the time to clean up your database. After all, you can’t know what leads are worth chasing until you do some house cleaning and see where things stand. The great thing about investing in a Smart Automated Marketing Engine is that you will be able to let the tool do all the cleaning, optimizing, and other work. In can even provide predictive analytics and other insights to help you create or improve your marketing campaigns.


The SAMe system, when integrated with your existing automated marketing platform, will offer hundreds of email templates and monitor well over 1,000 different touchpoints throughout the customer buying journey. Being able to nurture existing leads based on predictive analytics and customer data will ensure that you are making the most of your marketing resources, no matter what your ultimate goals are.

UTILIZE IT... You won't regret it!

When you consider that it can cost as much as 25 times more to generate one new customer than it would to retain one existing buyer, it makes sense to utilize database equity mining.  This enables you to track down existing lead potential within your customer information. Data mining is just using technology (like the SAMe platform) to identify signals that may indicate that someone is a potential buyer. This valuable insight can do more for your lead generation and business retention than you can imagine.

When combined with the other automated marketing solutions in your technology stack, this automated database mining solution is going to help you take your Powersports dealership to the next level. You'll be able to follow up with the right customers and stop wasting time on empty leads, and ensure that your database is always in its best condition.