The Benefits of Tracking User Experience Metrics


In any dealership, visitors and customers are the key to success. If people are not having the best experience in your dealership, whether that is a physical or virtual space, you will want to correct that as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of metrics talk is geared toward marketing, and while marketing analytics is helpful in targeting your marketing campaigns, they may not be as effective in telling you what users want and what they are missing from your virtual dealership. Don't overlook Customer Data Experience!

Whereas in marketing, you might track metrics like conversions and cost-per-click with paid search campaigns, user experience metrics focus more on time on page, use of navigation features, perceived success or benefits, back button usage, click-throughs, and other elements. Basically, the goal is to provide an easy-to-use site that gives users what they want. If you’re not tracking the user experience in your analytics, how are you ever going to know what that is?

MEASURING? We are not cooking are we? 

Using analytics to measure and monitor the user experience offers benefits like:

  • Creating a stronger virtual dealership presence for your powersports brand. When you know what the user wants, you will be able to create that space and make improvements that matter. Instead of changing things and hoping for the best, you’ll already know you are on the right track with your modifications and site improvements. This can nail down the Customer Data Experience.
  • The chance to reconnect with people. Today's consumer, even in the digital world, wants to be able to work with a brand that they can relate to. When you are tracking how people use and interact with your virtual dealership, you’ll know how to give them that relationship and connection in every aspect, from your digital inventory to the blogs and other resources that you provide.
  • You will be able to keep up with the changing needs and demands of online shoppers. What better way is there to stay on top of current marketing or user trends than to know exactly what people want from the source? Make sure that you’re following the right user metrics to keep up with new marketing and virtual dealership trends and keep your customers satisfied.


When it comes to tracking user experience, there are three major areas where you will want to focus: usability, engagement, and conversion. Usability refers to how easy it is for people to navigate your virtual dealership and access the information that they need. Engagement is the process of getting people involved and interacting with the site. The higher your engagement, the better. Conversion, obviously, is the ultimate goal of any business. By turning engaged visitors into conversions, you’ll be able to lead them through the sales journey with ease.


Monitor these areas when you are trying to build your powersports brand online and you will be rewarded with improved traffic and more satisfied customers in the end. Your goal is to make people’s powersports purchase simple, and knowing how to do that starts by tracking their habits to figure out exactly what they want.

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