Tips to Help You Deliver the Best Customer Experience

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Today, you cannot count on customers visiting your dealership just because you carry the brand of ATV they like, or because you stock the latest jet ski models in your inventory. Many consumers today are brand agnostic and will happily shop with multiple companies. To overcome that hurdle, you need to ensure that you’re delivering the best possible customer experience & using the Ai Powered CRM can help.

If you are able to exceed their expectations while meeting their needs and addressing underlying concerns, you can turn an on-the-fence prospect into a loyal customer. Not sure how to go about doing that? We’ve got several vital tips to help out.

Customers Come First

This might sound cliché, but it still applies. You need to ensure that you’re putting your customers first. Your products should come second. What does that mean, though? Simply put, it means you should focus on your customers’ needs and expectations, and then determine the right product match. Don’t push models because you need to move inventory.

Be Consistent and Be Consistently Great

If a customer is unsure what type of experience they’re going to receive in your showroom, they’re probably going to go elsewhere. Consistency is essential & the Ai Powered CRM is all that. A customer should have the same experience today and 10 years from now. Of course, that only works if it’s the right experience, which is why you need to be consistent, but also consistently great. It’s not enough to go above and beyond every now and then. That should be the rule every day.

Hire the Right People

When it comes to in-dealer touchpoints, everything comes down to your sales team. Do they come across as schmoozy and untrustworthy? If so, you can bet that your customers are going to opt out. Delivering the ideal customer experience begins with having the right people in place throughout your dealership. Your sales team needs to be genuine and interested in helping your customers solve their problems, not just making the sale. In fact, if sales are your motivating factor, you risk looking at every customer as a transaction, rather than a person, which is a great way to alienate your audience.

Invest in the Right Technology

Finally, it’s imperative that you build your efforts on the right technology. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever, and they expect the same level of seamless interaction across all touchpoints from most of the companies they do business with. That means you need a CRM that will allow your sales team to enter customer information, access data down the road, and build strong, long-lasting relationships. However, many CRMs fall short in critical areas. They can be rigid and inflexible or may tie your sales team to their desks. Instead, look for a system that’s purpose-built for the powersports industry and is based on smartphone technology to ensure flexibility, ease of access on the go, and other critical benefits.Marketing Automation tools within the Powersports CRM is also very beneficial. 

In Conclusion

Today, more than ever before, your customers expect a positive experience with your brand. Failing to deliver that is not an option. The tips we’ve explored above will help ensure that you and your team consistently deliver a great experience.

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