Integrating Desking Processes for Your Powersports Dealership

desking process

Desking Process!

If you’re in the midst of learning about using technology to your advantage in your Powersports dealership, you’ve likely heard the phrase “technology stack” thrown around here and there. This term simply refers to the different platforms and software integrations that you utilize in your day-to-day operations. When you’re building yours, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the right components. Everyone always brings up CRM and database tools, but what about desking?

BREAD & BUTTERdesking process

The desking process is the bread and butter, if you will, of the dealership transaction. This is the heart of the process that everyone knows and most of your customers dread. It's here that they will lose hours of their day, waiting for people to share information, complete paperwork, process applications, and handle other business. And yet, people still do it. In the world of automotive shopping, it’s usually out of necessity and therefore dealers have a little more leeway. When it comes to Powersports, though, there’s no leeway.


You need dynamic desking solutions that can handle multi-unit transactions and interdepartmental information sharing in real-time. Basically, you need a platform that can take the entire desking process and make it as painless and efficient as possible. In years past, this might have sounded like nothing more than a pipe dream. Today, it’s more than a reality—it's becoming an industry standard. If you’re not on board yet, you’re already behind.


The first thing that you need to do is to find the desking platform that suits your needs. A dynamic, customizable desking solution can change the way that you do business, so take care to choose a solid platform from the start. If you’ve already got your tech stack started, it helps to see what other tools and solutions are available from the same platform, because it’s a lot easier to integrate when everything comes from the same place.


If you find a better desking solution, you might decide that it’s worth the effort to convert everything else to the new platform. Or, you might just find something that fits into what you have, even if it’s from a different provider or platform. When you choose the right solution, integration, and helping you learn how to use your new platform will come standard with the services that you receive.

With the right platform, you should be able to set it up and streamline your dealership to give customers even more reasons to come back in the future.