Digital Retail: How Independent Automotive can Benefit from Digital Retail Platforms

The Era of Digital Retail

With Covid-19 losing momentum, we take a look at how the pandemic has re-shaped the automotive industry. Dealerships once able to move hundreds of vehicles per month were cut down as COVID policies disrupted many aspects in vehicle production. In response for these changes within the industry, dealer's had no choice but find innovative new ways to sell their vehicles. Bringing about the age of digital retail in the automotive industry.

Don't Just Survive

The automotive industry has seen a major shift in recent years as more people purchase cars online instead of through traditional means. A recent study found that 76% of those surveyed were open to an entirely digital purchasing process for automobiles, and 64 percent on average prefer handling their entire transaction this way too! The reason behind these trends can be attributed largely due COVID-19 pandemic which led many new form retailers experience over 100% annual revenue growth. These retailers are not just surviving, they are thriving!


Dealerships are finally able to offer their customers more options than ever before with digital retail. Platforms such as DealermallUSA provide customers the ability to make purchasing your dream car hassle-free! However, with the issues that many companies like Carvana and CarMax Faced in their early years, some dealers are more hesitant than others.


Where Do You Start?

The pandemic has forced dealerships to adapt, and they are now able to offer their customers more options than ever before with digital retail. This is the future of the automotive industry, and it is important for dealers to embrace it in order to stay competitive and ensure the longevity of their businesses. Have you tried selling cars online? If not, now is the time to give it a try. And our team can help get you started.