How Digital Trade-In Tools Improve Your Trade Appraisals

Digital Trade Tools

Digital Tools at your Service!

Although they aren’t all created equally, there are many digital tools available to help consumers value their trade before they get to the dealership. Today’s Internet brings people one of the most valuable options—the trade calculator. These little tools can be customized for any number of variables and factors to help consumers learn just what they can get for their Powersports toys. We saw them first for automotive use, but today there are a growing number of trade-in tools that will provide an analysis of what people can get for just about any trade.

How Do I Find These Tools?Digital Trade Tools

That’s the best thing—you don’t have to “find” this and other trade resources. You can integrate them into your marketing automation and total dealership management platform. You can utilize the software platform that you already have and create your own trade valuation tool for your consumers. Eventually, the personalized touch of a hands-on evaluation is going to be required, but right now, people want quick, easy information.

Types of Trades?

Think about what you’d want from a trade appraisal of your own. Think about how you can create a tool for each category of Powersports units that your dealership sells. That way, people aren’t trying to deal with a single tool that supposedly handles all types of trades, because that can get tricky. When you’re doing this, put yourself in the shoes of the customer—what would you want in a simple tool to help you estimate a trade value?

Give them that. With the technology available today, it’s easy to do.

Streamline Trades & Improve Profits

When you make trades easier, you’ll get more of them. Anyone in the Powersports industry knows how valuable this can be because trades have historically been difficult to come by. When you’re able to take trades, you’re able to sell more used units, which means bigger profits for your pre-owned department.

Request Trade Estimates

Not only that but when people request trade estimates, you’ll know that it’s time to scour the inventory and make sure that you’re able to give them what they want. Ultimately, it’s about giving people the tools and resources they need so that they’ll keep coming back in the future. For the trade appraisal process, an estimating tool or trade calculator is going to provide immense value to the consumer and the dealership alike. Figure out how to set yours up if you haven’t already, and watch how it can improve your trade business in every way.