EarthCruiser Is Working on Sleek, Lightweight Slide-In Campers for Electric Trucks

The 4x4 expedition vehicle builder has EV overlanding on its radar.

Bend, Oregon's EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles, the 4x4 adventure rig manufacturer renowned for its Isuzu NPR EarthCruiser and one-ton-pickup-based Terranova expedition camper, is recognizing the shift to electric vehicles just as you probably are. Unlike you, EarthCruiser isn't shopping for those EVs, but designing future camping and overlanding solutions for them, namely a line of slide-in campers engineered for plug-in trucks. The division of EarthCruiser responsible for the slide-in camper and other innovative electric overlanding products is called EarthCruiser Innovations (ECI). The group is working in collaboration with domestic auto manufacturers, with further details to come later this year.

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