G-Force Powersports Shares 5 Advantages to Using the PSXDigital Platform Over their Previous System

Vlog - G-Force Powersports

Don Werner, Sales Manager at G-Force Powersports in Colorado, cuts to the chase in his assessment of the PSXDigital CXMAi platform.

"PSX is one of the better systems for a CRM follow up. It's far the best CRM out there. "


G-Force Powersports was in search of technology to handle customer follow-ups for its salespeople to replace a previous provider that left them without. The PSX platform helped close the gap on inefficient systems and increased performance. 

"We did not have a very good follow-up system for the salespeople at our dealership. The PSX system has delivered a big increase in sales follow-up."

Here are more advantages G-Force realized after switching to PSXDigital.


Persistence is critical to the sales process. It's sometimes also the most difficult to inspire. Ai-powered CRM assists sales teams in maintaining consistent progression through every customer touchpoint.

"The routine in PSX puts sales to the test with persistence. It reinforces use of the system on every single deal and in turn, every single transaction gets added in the system for automatic follow-up." 

Sound complicated? It's not. In fact, it's largely automated freeing salespeople up to do what they were meant to do - interact with the customer and sell more machines.

"Using PSX works very well for a salesperson because it's simple to use. The inventory is on-hand at all times; when you're with a customer, inside the sales floor or outside the sales floor. It gives the salesperson every follow-up, all the time within the CRM as well. It's a good system. "


Access the entire sales and marketing operations of your Powersports dealership in the palm of your hands? Absolutely.

"The mobile app has definitely been the number one advantage to salespeople, by far. It’s easy for a salesperson to use."


It's important that managers have access to the real-time numbers and data needed to stay on top of the day-to-day, quickly and accurately.

"I like to use the screen on my own desktop so I can see what's going on with the sales guys. Especially with the big staff we have here at our store, I can use it to find out what interaction they did with the customer and what step we're at with the customer, so I can keep track of them at all times without having to be right there. Rather than having to ask the questions, I already know the answer and can follow-up from there with the salesperson as well."


"With all the information and the data we are collecting since starting with PSX, we’re given a bigger, broader overview of a customer clientele base.

Not only in sales, retail, parts and service, we can also use the information for upcoming events in scheduling and planning to get more people through the door.


Veterans in the industry, our leaders are trailblazers in dealership technology from both inside and outside the store and our developers are informed by dealers. Simply put, we love what we do and we do it for you.

The people at PSXDigital really do care about what they do. They get back to you in a timely fashion. They do the best that they can to fix the issues and to move things forward in the things that we want for our dealership. 


PSX is one of the better systems for a CRM follow up. It's far one of the best CRM systems that's out there.