Harley-Davidson Glendale Validates Decision to Choose PSX with Early Results

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Daniel Vartanian, General Manager of Glendale Harley-Davidson, discusses the reasons behind their decision to implement the PSXDigital system, as well as the results they are already seeing.

"I think one of the most interesting things about PSX and why dealerships needs to really look into it to make their store better is because of its advanced technology. It's not your dad's traditional CRM; it's using today's latest technology and the benefits of Ai it's bringing it into your dealership makes you stronger and puts you ahead of your competition.



Daniel describes 3 main reasons why Harley-Davidson of Glendale decided to shift their sales and marketing systems to PSXDigital's CXMAi - Customer Experience Management Platform - powered by Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Mobility
  2. Call tracking and recording
  3. A system created uniquely for the Powersports industry

"Prior to making the switch into the PSXDigital system, we were looking for mobility. Our sales associates found themselves living behind their desk and their computer monitors. We weren't interacting with enough of our clients that were in the dealership. With PSX, we got to check the box off mobility.

I was also looking for a feature that would record some of the calls, so we could better train our staff to manage the phone and so they can learn from those experiences."

In addition, I believe one of the best selling points is that this platform was built specifically for the Powersports industry. It wasn't something that was for automotive that we're adapting to use for motorcycle sales."

Harley-Davidson Glendale scheduled several demonstrations on different systems in an effort to replace their current vendor.

"We decided we needed to make a change from what we were using because they didn't have the information quick enough and it wasn't working well enough."


Daniel recommends unwavering commitment to change and a united front with top management down to staff in creating a culture conducive to large change within the dealership:

"When we decided on PSX, we sat together with the sales managers early-on and committed that no matter how frustrated got during implementation because we are unfamiliar with the system, we would not let that bleed into the staff. Because if they felt the management team and the leadership team weren’t bought-in, then it would erode the belief in the culture.

So knowing that change is always difficult, and a lot of it can be based off our lack of knowledge in how to operate the system, keeping our frustrations internal was an important piece of the smooth implementation."


Daniel points out that the biggest value in the PSX system he saw with his sales team was that it:

  • Guided them through daily tasks
  • Keeps them organized throughout the day
  • Ensures capture of customer data

"They are able to stay on top of all the tasks they needed to do daily. It made sure they had all the information for the client they're actually working with.

Fast forward; if that doesn't execute a sale - which you have to touch a customer 12 to 18 times before you can execute a sale - it kept them on track. They would actually handle their activities without management intervention all the time."


Daniels' role as the General Manager at Harley-Davidson Glendale provides a slightly different perspective. His management team appreciates that they are now able to access consolidated reports in real-time.

"On the manager side of it, one of the metrics that we needed to make sure we were getting is collecting that data at the halfway point in the day and then the end of the day. The system allowed our sales managers to go to one report to ensure that we were hitting what we needed. They now know who to work with in their daily one-on-ones to ensure that we're getting the activities that will allow us to get the sales we want."


Automated sales processes are built into the CXMAi platform to further assist both salespeople and management; providing guidance through, a follow-up to, and visibility into the sales stage within the customer journey.

"What sales automation has done for the sales process is that the sales managers now know where the associates are real-time.

What was often happening with our old CRM was that the sales associates would wait until the end of the day and update their steps with a customer - or even forget and do it the next morning. So we couldn't capture and report our data accurately to know where each individual was really at in the process. And so we didn’t know what to say to the customer at any given step. We weren’t really getting a good gauge, and there was a delay. That delay could potentially lose a deal to a competitor.

The fact that automation moves the sales associate step-by-step and it keeps the desk managers involved really helps us stay in front of the process and not playing catch-up.

The single biggest change sales automation has done for our dealership is that it allows me to know what's going on without having to track somebody down. I can go into the dashboard myself, even when I’m not onsite and know what's going on. That's a real plus for me.

The sales managers are now able to know where a sales associate is and who they’re with. We're spread out between a few buildings, so that makes it easier on them. The dashboard is set up - and it's real easy."


"The PSX system is going to attract the top salespeople and keep them in my store because the tool will allow them to get every sale possible because of its mobility. They don't have to be sitting next to a phone, or near a phone, or standing by a door to get connected with a customer. It brings the customer directly to their handheld phones, whether it's a web lead or an inbound phone call. It’s also going to allow them to stay organized, and stay on top of their sales funnel, and make sure that they are hitting all their promised calls and staying ahead of everything they need to do to be successful."


Daniel reiterates the importance of communication when executing the change of operational and technological systems within the dealership. As a progressive leader, he encourages dealers to gain buy-in across the board and diligence in preparation.

"With anything new, human nature doesn't like change. So I expected a ton of resistance. We prepped the sales associates, letting them know that this is going to be a different system and they took to it pretty well. Now that they understand the benefits and they seem to be working with it well, we didn't have that uphill climb that I expected.

The implementation staff at PSXDigital helped us prepare our sales associates at Harley-Davidson. I'm not saying they all bought into it right away! But when they understood the benefits and how it was a tool and that the investment was to make them better at their jobs and us to execute more sales, that flipped the switch and allowed us to embrace the system and then utilize the tool to make the dealership better.

We always try to stay ahead of the curve at our dealership. So to wait for something that's already run its course, and then trying to catch up with that, you'll never get there."


Support is certainly a factor in the successful implementation of change...and PSX Digital tries to go the extra mile:

"During the installation process, PSX was there every time we called. We never had to wait to get a question answered. If an answer wasn't immediately known, they said, "You know what, that’s a great question. We'll find out and we'll get back to you." And they always did.

Things went well on the initial launch and even to this day when there's a question or we want to try to do something different they're always receptive and want to help.

One of the interesting things about implementation of the PSXDigital platform at Harley-Davidson in Glendale, was that if we have any suggestions or recommendations that could enhance the system or make it work better  - it would probably work better for other dealers - so we were asked to jot them down and let them know. They've always been receptive and understanding."

WHY PSXDigital?

"I think one of the most interesting things about PSX and why somebody needs to really look into it to make their store better is because of its advanced technology. It's not your dad's traditional CRM; it's using today's latest technology and the benefits of Ai it's bringing it into your dealership makes you stronger and puts you ahead of your competition."

With the capabilities of the integrated platform - and we haven't tapped into all of them yet - we know that as the system grows it has the opportunity for sustainability the more you use it. Five years from now, we think the system's going to be a lot stronger than it is now because it adds value the longer you use it.

It starts to learn tendencies a customer in the customer history. That history is  important in order for us to understand what a customer likes and wants so we know how to better fulfill their dreams of being on a motorcycle."


"You never want to live in the past. Using today's technology and using it in your favor instead of fighting it is going to be a path to succeed. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to play in today's game. You can't be living off your legacy. You’ve got to embrace technology - the way of the future."