How Marketing Automation Helps Your Salespeople Win More Every Day

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Help Your Salespeople Win More Every Day with Marketing Automation

Is your marketing plan chaotic?

Are you uncertain what to do, so you have your team trying everything?

If so, then you have to read the advice in this article -- to save your dealership, and to save the sanity of your sales team.

Lots of dealers are struggling with marketing, just like you. They try all the tips they read on forums or see on Facebook, but they’re at the same place with sales that they were months ago. The right formula somehow keeps eluding them. You’re probably nodding your head and understand exactly what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to keep making the same mistakes and working through trial and error, though. Getting more customers while using easier processes is completely attainable. What you need is a simple sales and marketing automation solution. Take a look at how marketing automation helps your salespeople to do their job with less hassle and better results.

The salesperson’s job becomes more focused

When you utilize a 1-to-1 marketing automation solution, the app does all of the work at the top of the sales funnel. You may have used a BDC in the past, or even still use one for lead generation. But the truth is that BDC employees can’t get every lead through to your sales team. They can’t make the precisely timed follow-up that a marketing automation platform can provide.

Having a 1-to-1 marketing automation solution means that every single lead gets an appropriate response. As soon as a prospective customer’s information is in your database, the app takes care of sending out a follow-up email or text that is in-line with the individual’s point in the sales process. Realistically, a BDC can only follow up on a fraction of those leads, which means that others trickle through your fingers.

More Lead Generation Work?

That puts a strain on your sales team to do more lead generation work. But with the right app taking care of lead generation, your salespeople are free to follow up with only the most promising leads. That means your salespeople do all of their work at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Why is that important? Because sales employees tend to be best at making a connection with people. But the face-to-face interaction happens much later in the sales cycle than it used to. Without having to worry about going out and finding new leads, your sales team can focus on what they are best at, which is talking to prospective customers either on the phone or in the dealership.

Your team can connect at the right time

With a BDC, when to follow up with a lead becomes guesswork. But with a marketing automation platform, all of the online customer interactions are tracked with the software. You know exactly how many times a particular individual visited your website and when. You know whether they opened your email. And that means you’ll know when the time is right to have your sales team make a phone call.


A phone call by one of your salespeople is still one of the most effective sales and marketing strategies. But you have to get the timing just right.

If you call a lead while they’re on the way to the grocery store, they’re busy and probably won’t take the time to talk. Their mind is not on a Powersports vehicle at that moment. But if you can call them right after they click through your email or just after they visit your inventory, then
you’ve connected with them while they have their mind on your products.

And that makes the person much more likely to take a next step towards coming into your dealership.

Not convinced that marketing automation will improve your sales team’s numbers?

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