Internet Lead Process & Why Internet Managers Aren’t The Answer!

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How to Get the Internet Lead Process Running Smoothly and Why an Internet Manager Isn’t the Answer!

While hiring a separate Internet team always sounds like the best, and probably most obvious, solution for a Powersports dealership that’s branching out into online sales, it might actually be more detrimental than good. In the past, having someone who specifically knew how to handle Internet transactions and online customers was important. There was a time when online sales first began where they were entirely separate from in-person transactions. Those days are long gone and the internet lead process is changing & you need to as well.


No longer can you market your online dealership and physical presence separately. You cannot consider them separate departments or even separate entities of any kind, because all of your business is one now. Your online and physical sales are the same, and your Internet business deserves the same leading sales staff that you give your dealership customers, not just a room full of people answering emails and live chat sessions. The internet lead process is in due process for change.


Small powersports dealership growth

One of the best ways to generate leads, or at least generate some type of lead strategy that is going to be effective for your small Powersports dealership, is to see what everyone else is doing. There are plenty of car dealers and even some of your competitors that already have solid websites and lead generation practices in place that are helping them combine their online and physical business into one simple entity. If nothing else, you might at least be able to see what some brands are doing that isn’t getting the job done.

Here are some quick tips with where to start sourcing leads online:

  • Look at Powersports fan clubs and related websites. Consider advertising on social media channels related to your business or creating local advertisements to reach your local audience. There are a lot of resources online, you just have to start hunting for them.
  • Try something a couple of times before you assume it won’t work. There are some cases where a bad lead is just a bad lead and your strategy might really be just fine.
  • Follow advice designed specifically for growth as a small dealership. The growth practices and lead sourcing methods for larger dealerships are much different and will not garner the same results.

Trial and Error is Your Friend

The only real way to smooth out the internet lead process is to start working your strategies and seeing what gets the best results. The ability to try and retry your methods is one of the perks of online marketing. Plus, you can easily do it without breaking the bank since a lot of marketing and advertising avenues are completely free, or at least cheap.

Powersports dealerships need to get online in order to grow. That means solidifying your Internet lead generation process. The best thing that you can do to catapult your dealership to the next level is to be prepared and have a solid plan. Then, the leads should come without much trouble at all.