Kawasaki Files 2024 Ninja ZX-6R for the U.S.

Team Green has finally answered our hooning prayers and decided to release their lean, mean, green machine to American asphalt – and based on the recent filings, Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-6R is slotted to land in U.S. markets as a part of the 2024 lineup.

Coverage from Top Speed shows the 2024 Ninja ZX-6R’s certificate number as RKAXC.636AAF, with Team Green’s 2013 and 2019 models working further back in the alphabet (AAE, AAD). With evidence now pointing to a refreshed superbike, as turn to the bike’s model codes (ZX636JR/KR), which feature “JR/KR” – the delineations for ABS and non-ABS variants, per last year’s ZX-6R.

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