Power of Keywords Content and Backlinks

In this interview, Larry Bruce talks about ways to help keyword content optimization for your website for not only traffic, but converting traffic into leads for your Powersports dealership with keyword content optimization.

Quality vs. Quantity - Keyword Content Optimization

Danny James: The task remains - get consumers to the dealership's website homepage. Tell me a little bit about how to utilize keyword content optimization and other tactics to optimize the searching that the customer does before they know the name of your store.

Larry Bruce: There's organic traffic and paid traffic. Organic traffic, or SEO, provides quality traffic,  not quantity. If you are getting tons of leads from your SEO, you might be using bad practices or practitioners or what we call black hat guys. This is where Keyword Content Optimization plays a role.

They won't talk about lead conversion and they create snippets in places like Reddit, PR News Web and others that bring in traffic! But it's usually trash traffic.

It's not quality traffic that looking for what it is your dealership offers. For instance, a press release on a low tier provider is not helping to get good traffic and it's not necessarily even a very authoritative backlink because anybody can do it who's willing to pay. So their authority kind of get diminished some by that.

The idea of traffic really comes down to three things:

  1. Keywords
  2. Content
  3. Backlinks

There's a reason keyword content optimization is in the center. It's the global center of your effectiveness; good content produced with the right keywords. Finding the right keywords is tough because you can't rank for all of them. You can only rank for about five. If I create good enough content around those top five keywords I'll get the backlinks.

The hardest part for a dealer is creating good quality content. That takes time. It's not something you can truly automate and it takes a lot of research to create. So dealers end up relying on paid traffic designed only for a very specific offer.

Organic vs. Paid

Larry Bruce: With paid traffic, I'm buying a specific keyword surrounding a certain search. For example, if I buy the key phrase "Flare Sportsman 450" then my natural assumption should be that I'm targeting somebody looking to find and buy a Polaris Sportsman 450. If I simply direct traffic back to the homepage of my website, the shopper gets lost. They would have to figure out site navigation, go into the inventory, find the Sportsman 450 and then hunt down the offer. And then oftentimes, the promoted offer doesn't correlate to the keyword campaign.


Rather than use your website for paid traffic to a specific offer, a landing page should be created specifically for Polaris Sportsman 450 using a domain like Polaris-Sportsman-450-offer-offer so that the subdomain is gaining SEO value of the landing page with the keywords that are included and increase the keyword content optimization.

This creates depth within the landing page.  You're getting SEO and PPC value now.

Tip About Keywords

Larry Bruce: When it comes to traffic, the best way to find the top five keywords is to look at your paid campaign and narrow down what top five keywords are converting the most leads. Then try to rank four of those give on your organic SEO side. If not, then when it comes to paid traffic, make sure you're directing that paid traffic to a sub-domain website or sub-domain landing page of your website.