MO Tested: Muc-Off Secure AirTag Holder For Powersports Review

Another layer of theft protection for your motorcycle

Some products are so simple that you can grasp them at a single glance, and while the Muc-Off Secure AirTag Holder For Powersports may appear that way, a lot of thought clearly went into constructing it. Apple AirTags are little discs a tad bigger than a quarter that leverage the massive number of iPhones wandering around the streets to track an item’s location. I’ve been using AirTags in my luggage on international flights for a while and have been able to tell my airline where my bag was when I somehow found myself on a different continent from it. The idea is the same here: You mount the Muc-Off AirTag Holder on your bike, and it pings Apple’s servers with its location whenever an iPhone passes through its range. So, if your bike gets stolen, you may be able to supply police with an address to reclaim your property.

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