Monetize Your Dealership’s Powersports Inventory [Without Spending More Money!]

Blog - Inventory Strategy

Jason Carlin, Inventory Manager at Edge Performance Sports, talks about how PSXDigital's CXMAi Inventory Management helps him monetize inventory without spending more.

Other than spending marketing dollars, what other ways can a dealership immediately monetize their inventory? 

"PSXDigital shows you  right away how many machines you have and how many dollars you have invested, giving you a clear view of where you need to start. "

Read on to find out how CXMAi +Inventory Management helps his dealership monetize more machines, more profitably.

Jason Carlin knows a thing or two about successfully managing inventory for his store. As the #1 Polaris Dealership in the Northeast, Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, Oregon is also one PSXDigitals' more progressive dealers. In his eight years with the dealership, Jason started on the salesfloor before moving into Internet sales and then advancing into sales management, giving him great insight into how to move more vehicles for greater return on investment. 


The main thing with PSXDigital's +Inventory Management platform is that it shows you right away how many machines you have and how many dollars you have invested. You are able to look at a report and instantly do the math: I've got 450 machines and you think, "That's a lot." Then you look and see it's $5 million and you're like, "Oh my gosh it's an awful lot!" The bottom line is in your face. It tells you right there and there is nowhere to hide it.


To look more closely into the details, the system breaks it all down individually to units; details like what's your cost, what you have it advertised for, what your profit is going to be. It adds in PDI costs, the shop labor to build these machines. It's all-inclusive with those kinds of numbers. It's all right there in front of you so that you can make an educated decision on profitability pretty quick. It works tremendously.


Another important bit of information is in regards to the aging inventory. The system tells you what is aged, and obviously, anything that's aged is not creating value. Aged inventory is not profitable. So you are given a better perspective and allows you to focus on moving that aged inventory. Paired with all of the leads analytics, the technology tells you if your current inventory strategy is working or not. It's very helpful.