Timeline of Motorcycles!

Transporation made easier? But how? 

As scientists searched more and more on how to make transportation easier on public roads, the bicycle was all they had at the time. As we jump into Motorcycle History we start to wonder "Where & how did they come about?".

They wanted faster, more automated and of course easier. They had their challenges of course however as time went on it started to become a reality.

Over the last one & 1/2 centries many and I mean many inventors tried to make that one end goal of creating the first-ever motorcycle! Let's dive into the Motorcycle History!

PSXDigital jumped into creating an easy view of the infographic to feature the timeline of Motorcycle History. Going all the way back to 1867 which was the first-ever steam-powered motorcycle. Can you imagine! From attaching bicycle pedals to small steam engines was one of Ernest Michaux first powered bicycle designs. Soon to follow in 1868, Sylvester H. Roper presented his twin-cylinder steam velocipede with a coal burn furnace. Soon there after.. Motorcycle History is in the making.

We look at today's motorcycles and how much they have come! Faster, Better & way much cooler!