Tips and Tricks to Gathering Visitor Information

Motorsports Customer Data


The key to data-driven marketing is, well, data. However, it doesn’t just flow into your dealership. You must create a plan for capturing it, aggregating it, cleansing it, and then putting it to use. Of those steps, simply gathering website visitor information can be one of the most challenging steps, but the following tips will help to simplify things for you. There are more outlooks on gathering motorsports customer data.


First, make sure that you’re using an analytics solution to determine basic information, such as referring website, page dwell time, and bounce rate. This will give you a basic foundation on which to build the rest of your efforts.


Motorsports Customer Data

When it comes to gathering visitor information, offering something free is a great way to start. However, whatever you offer needs to be of value to your audience. Maybe it’s a guide to choosing the right motorcycle, or an eBook highlighting what to look for in today’s personal watercraft. Make this information available free of charge, but with the stipulation that visitors provide some basic information to access it (including signing up for your mailing list).



Making a newsletter available is one of the oldest yet most effective ways to gather visitor information. Make your signup visible on the homepage, as well as throughout other pages, and encourage your visitors to sign up. This can also help gather the Motorsports Customer Data as well.



Calls to action (CTAs) provide you with a way to tell your audience what you want them to do, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, registering for more information about a product, or something else. Use CTAs strategically throughout your website to tell visitors what you want them to do.


Once you have their contact information, you can then use other tools to build a more accurate picture of each lead. For instance, you can use surveys to find out what Powersports equipment they are most interested in purchasing. You can use polls to learn more about preferences or needs. Plenty of other tools allow you to delve into your audience and gather the Motorsports Customer Data information necessary for success.

From calls to action to email marketing to free content, there are plenty of ways to gather visitor information. Once you have it, make sure it is recorded (accurately) within your database. That database is the lifeline of your dealership, and it will play a central role in your growth and profitability.