What is Powersports Desking and Why Does it Matter?

motorsports desking

Why does it matter?

Desking is a term that’s been in the automotive and vehicle industry for years. Historically, desking a deal referred to the part of the transaction where the customer is presented with their options to sit down and agree upon a selling price, financing terms, and monthly payment. Today, the term is still used in the same sense, but in reference to the available technology tools that can help streamline this part of the buying process.

DESIGNATION motorsports desking

Powersports & Motorsports desking tools are designed to make the entire transaction easier, from start to finish, and increase the likelihood of return customers. This will happen because they appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of your streamlined operations. There are several desking platforms out there, and they’re not all created equally. However, they all have a shared goal of improving the customer transaction process and streamlining dealership operations.


More and more things in day-to-day life are becoming instantly available or requiring a much shorter waiting period, and a lot of this is due to technology. For example, someone who might have had to wait three weeks for a catalog order in the past can now order the same item from an online site like Amazon and have it in a day. Some brands even offer same-day deliveries. It's all about convenience, and while people understand that dealerships are a unique business, they still want as much convenience as possible here, too.


With the right motorsports desking platform, you can give customers everything that they want from the purchase process in a dealership: efficiency, streamlined operations, and a smoother transaction that gets them out the door quickly so they can start enjoying their new toys.


Ok, so we’ve talked about what desking is and why you need it—but what does it really do? This software can integrate with your existing CRM and other tech tools so that you can connect every single department to a central platform so that everyone has access to real-time information from a single database. Imagine how much time, hassle, and paperwork that is going to save in the closing process.

Motorsports Desking allows you to track deals from start to finish, in a single place, and ensure that every single member of your staff is on the same page. That means your customers get their deals, get in and out quicker, and give you the repeat business that you want as a result of their experience.