Say Goodbye to Old School Sales!


Historically speaking, the customer would arrive at the sales team relatively early in the buying process. They would seek out a reputable organization, tell them their needs, and allow the sales team to guide them through the buying process. This still happens, to a certain degree, but the shift is where people start to ask for assistance. This is where the enhanced Motorsports Marketing Tools come in play at your dealership.


Today, you likely won’t see or hear from a customer until they’re as much as 70% of the way through the buying process. That means that you have to have all the right tools and resources in place to get them to that point with your dealership, rather than letting someone else steal them away. The Internet makes it easy for customers to take care of things once handled by the sales team, such as:

  • Product research
  • Comparison shopping
  • Industry knowledge
  • Pricing information

Therefore, the most important tool that you can now give your sales team is to get rid of the old school mindset and methods to figure out exactly how to equip them to pick up the ball when the customer is almost ready to make the play.


The biggest trend shift in sales is that you’re not really “selling,” as it once was. Customers don’t want someone to convince them to buy something. They’re already confident, in most cases. Those who aren’t need to be wooed differently. While a big presentation and personality used to go a long way in getting people’s interest and convincing them to buy, people now want to know more about your business, your products, and why you’re the best dealership with which to work.

Hard selling is gone. No matter how much it seems like the right conversation can make a sale, it’s no longer about that. Customers aren’t interested in being sold a product. They want to find someone who can help them with their needs, primarily by educating them and providing them with the tools to make the best buying decision. If your team isn’t doing that, they need to start immediately. Utilizing the newest Motorsports Marketing Tools can advance your team as well.


In sales, the technology available is all about making things easier for the sales team. The tools that you find will focus more on automation and integration, allowing the sales reps to work smarter to cultivate relationships that will eventually lead to a sale. Things like an integrated CRM software solution, generating brand authority through online motorsports marketing tools, and using social media to establish reputability and connect with customers are going to be more valuable than any actual “sales tools” available through modern technology.


The transition is going to be difficult for your older or more seasoned sales pros, but when they start to notice the difference, they will quickly adapt. Make sure that you not only provide your team with the technology to get the job done but that you also explain to them how the future of sales is changing and how they can capitalize on available technology to make the most of their success in powersports sales.


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