Who, How, When? Questions Your Database Strategy Should Answer!

Online Marketing Strategy


Right now, everyone seems to be in a holding pattern, waiting to see what happens next. The economy is a mess and many dealerships aren’t sure whether they should be trying to continue business or sit back and wait until things clear up. After all, now isn’t really a time when most people are thinking about buying new Powersports equipment, so while there may be some potential in the marketplace, your efforts might be better spent elsewhere. Your Database Strategy can help with your online marketing strategy as well.

Part of those efforts should go into revamping your database marketing strategy. In that vein, you are going to want to ask the important questions: who, how, and when.


Who should you be marketing to? What is your new target audience, now that the landscape has changed? Where can you reach that you haven’t before? When you are revising or revamping your database & online marketing strategy, you need to take advantage of your customer database to figure out what people offer the most potential for new leads, increased retention, and other goals that you have in mind when re-aligning your marketing strategies.


The best way to figure out how to utilize database marketing strategies is to see what people are already doing. For example, if you have people who are navigating your website in a certain fashion or accessing certain areas regularly, you can focus additional marketing efforts or identify a pain point that you might be able to address for them. People will tell you what they want if you’re paying attention. Activity tracking and keeping an accurate customer database gives you actionable insights that you can implement immediately for real-time results.




While the rest of the economy is sleeping and waiting for the lockdown to end, you could be setting yourself up to get well ahead of the game by reviewing, revamping, and updating your database marketing strategy so that you can maximize the potential of your existing business. If you sit around waiting until the doors of your dealership are open again, you’ll be right beside everyone else fighting for the crowds. Start now and stay ahead of the game because if you wait until the country opens back up, you’ll already be too late.

Your digital & online marketing strategy needs to have a dedicated focus on database marketing if you are going to be successful in today’s highly competitive Powersports industry. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be on the path to success in no time.