The Customer Buying Journey

Why Your Internet and Floor Sales Teams Should be One and the Same!

What customers want is a huge part of your business. After all, you’re not selling anything if you don’t know what people want to buy. One of the biggest things that customers want today is a solid relationship during the online Powersports sale. Part of that includes offering continuity, and that often gets left behind in many sales transactions because Internet reps bring in customers and hand them off to floor sales team members, then return to harvesting online leads.

Rather than having two separate teams with two separate goals and tasks, it may prove to be more effective moving into the future to create a dynamic sales team that combines your internet and floor sales. Not only will this give you a stronger sales team overall, but it will look much better to your customers when they aren’t being reeled in by one person and handed off to another. The customer experience has changed and people demand more from your dealership now. Learn what that means in terms of your sales teams and how to capitalize on that customer experience.

The Disjointed Handoff!

Typically, when a customer comes from the online realm into the physical dealership, they are advised to seek out a different employee than the one they’ve dealt with previously in their communications. Not only is this confusing, but it is often very disconnecting for the customer, which can affect the outcome of the deal if you aren’t careful. It's hard to bridge the gap between your two sales departments but taking a little cross-training and creating a more cohesive single sales team with separate divisions is going to prove to be much more useful to your Powersports dealership than separating the two entirely and treating them as different entities.


online powersports sale with online sales

What the Customer Wants

Today's customer may start their buying journey online, but they still want a relationship with the brand or dealership that they buy from during the Online Powersports Sale. They want convenient access to information, including a full inventory of pictures and specs for all of your products, so that they can get the full shopping experience right there on their computer or smartphone. They want transparent information and they want to know that you are giving them the best deals available, no matter what they’re in the market for.

People demand convenience and simple transactions. No one has time to spend hours at a dealership finalizing a deal anymore. What used to be an all-day affair is now done in a matter of a couple of hours, thanks to a change in pricing structure and negotiations, as well as the increased use of Internet sales and online dealership technology. This appeals to customers for a number of reasons. Take advantage of that during the online Powersports sale, but make sure that you create a seamless transition from online to physical sales.

When you put your two teams together as one, you will see a much more cohesive operation. It won’t look as much like your online reps are fishing for your floor team. Everyone will have a dedicated role in the customer journey and create a more cohesive, well-rounded customer experience from start to finish.