PowerSports Xtreme Digital Marketing Adds Dynamic Payment Options to its Lead Gen 3.0 Toolset


You know our motto by now: Dealers Speak - We Listen. Now a Payment Option!

Our latest product release is no exception. Here's the headline...

PSXDigital increases online lead generation by 32% for dealership customers with the launch of new features within its third-generation lead conversion suite of tools

Check out the press release below for more information! Then give us a call to find out if boosting your current leads even more is the right move for YOUR dealership!

Houston, TX (August 21, 2019) - PowerSportsX LLC, today released results of its new payment option selector and pre-qualification product features within next-generation lead conversion tools for early dealership adapters to significantly increase leads, lead-to-show rate, and customer satisfaction. 

The technology is made possible by the company’s fully-integrated and artificial intelligence-driven Customer Experience Management (CXMAi) platform available on desktop and mobile. Core products in CRM, Websites, Inventory Management, Desking, and Marketing Automation work together for the level of interaction required to produce the targeted outcome in real-time.

2 Key Ways

The tools are ready for use by online Powersports shoppers in two key ways:

  • A slide-based payment selector  
  • A 2-step pick a payment qualification option

The payment option selector works on a dynamic sliding scale to help shoppers filter inventory listed on the website based on their desired monthly payment and optional down payment. Dealers have control to preset, monitor and update fees, discounts and interest rates based on generic and known credit score ranges that are built into the system. 


Pick A Payment is displayed as button among clickable calls-to-action such View Details, View Incentives and Instant Trade Offer on each unit listed on the website inventory pages and the vehicle details pages. It assists the buyer in gaining instant pre-qualification based on their credit with no social security number or date of birth required. The 3-step process includes a simple name, email and phone number with confirmation of selected payments to approve the offer. 


A secondary lead capture is created in the form of an automated price drop notification to the buyer in the case a pre-qualification of a specific payment option cannot be immediately matched.

Combined, these tools are easy to use and accommodates shoppers with the autonomy to create a contract that fits their budget while also meeting the dealership’s financial goals; ultimately serving both parties to provide a win-win sales process. 

Increasing the likelihood of a signed contract during a consumers' initial website visit significantly, results show:

  • 32% more quality leads generated
  • Up to 20% higher lead-to-show rates
  • Greater customer loyalty 

The Payment Slider and Pick A Payment tools help dealers provide a superior and more streamlined end-to-end online customer purchasing experience from browser to desk. 

“We know that consumers in the automotive industry can be motivated to purchase with a monthly payment that fits into their overall budget. We surveyed dealerships in Powersports and found this to be an even bigger driver as discretionary buyers of recreational vehicles are shopping with an amount of disposable income in mind,” said Larry Bruce, CEO at PowerSportsX. “The development team at PSX took that feedback and the advisement of our dealer-partners to build additional tools within the CXMAi platform to generate and convert even more leads. We couldn’t be happier with the results and expect them to only improve as we continue to launch even more product features of the Lead Gen 3.0 suite.”

“We’ve just come off a record-breaking month after 60 days using the payment selector and pick a payment tools,” said Ryan Gentry, President at Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, Oregon. “It’s relevant to our specific market and has increased our qualified leads substantially. We look forward to the next generation in lead booster technology from PSX.” 

About PowerSportsX LLC

PowerSportsX LLC (PowerSports Xtreme Digital Marketing, PSXDigital) is a leading technology provider in the motorsports, boat and RV industries. Introducing the market’s first CXMAi (Customer Relationship Management powered by Artificial Intelligence) Platform: CRM, Inventory Management, Websites, and Marketing Automation. PSXDigital’s integrated sales and marketing solution provides a consolidated view of the customer from a single login, connecting more dealers to more customers and driving more sales.

The announcement can be read when released here: https://www.pr.com/press-release/792723