The Power of Inventory Management Technology at Your Fingertips

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Jason Carlin, Inventory Manager at Edge Performance Sports, talks about the superior accessibility and efficiency of PSXDigital's Powersports Inventory Management platform.

When asked to share ways that their dealership has been able to set their team up for success, Jason had the following to say:

"System-assisted communication is big."

Read on to find out how CXMAi Powersports Inventory Management empowers his dealership to communicate and improve sales performance.

Jason Carlin knows a thing or two about successfully managing inventory for his store. As the #1 Polaris Dealership in the Northeast, Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, Oregon is also one PSXDigitals' more progressive dealers. In his eight years with the dealership, Jason started on the salesfloor before moving into Internet sales and then advancing into sales management, giving him great insight into how to move more vehicles for greater return on investment. 


Like I said, communications big. As a team, we are able to talk about what's working, what's not, what's popular, and what's not. While we've got the actual numbers right in front of us when ordering new inventory,  it's still good to have the input from the sales staff. We may not have the information they get while on customer phone calls in actual data history, so to speak. So, getting their input on machines is a big deal.


The other important feature with PSXDigital's  CXMAi Powersports Inventory platform is that the technology and all the data that it holds is available right at their fingertips; not just information about the machine, but details such as:

  • Is the machine is built?
  • Is the machine ready to go?
  • At what price is the machine set?
  • Are there accessories on the machine?

If it's a pricing question, it's already included in the system at their fingertips. The salesperson doesn't have to go to parts and get a price quote on accessories separately and do the math outside of the system. It's all right there at their fingertips. The specific details on the machine is all right there at their fingertips.


As well, showing the information to your customers on an iPad or phone with the technology that you have and letting them take a look at it for themselves is really a cool thing. It's an impressive interaction. Customers get a kick out of it and are almost as excited to view the interface directly as they are the machine! It's a conversation that just really gets them involved not just with the excitement of the machine but also the excitement of the process and being at our store; of being an engaged part of every bit and piece of the entire transaction.

So, even from the back of the house, we're focused on that customer experience and properly managing that interface of what sales is showing them in the system.


To circle back, the salesperson knows right away if a machine that we have in stock is actually built and if it's ready to go. So if they're on the phone with a customer and maybe for some reason what they are looking for isn't yet built -  we didn't get to it quick enough - we've got that open communication through the system to make sure that it gets built by the time the customer is planning on coming into the store.

The system ensures that we are all on the same page and ready for the customer experience.