Why Marketing Automation is Crucial to Branding Your Powersports Dealership

Branding with AMP

Here at PSXDigital, we see questions about how powersports ai marketing automation affects branding every day. Dealers like you want to know what they can do to get more qualified leads into their dealership. They want to know how to close more vehicle sales. And they’re trying to figure out how to make their lives a little easier without losing sales to another dealership.

Chances are, you have some questions about Powersports branding too.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about why marketing automation is crucial to branding. We’ve been on the sales side, and we know this works, so check out our answers below.

Question: If my customers want the product, why do I need to worry about branding?

Answer: It’s true that Powersports customers are more excited about making the purchase than say, the typical car buyer. After all, they’re buying what -- to them -- is a toy. It’s a fun purchase.

But it doesn’t necessarily matter to them where they get that toy. That means that if you have any kind of competition in your area -- and who doesn’t? -- you have to show them why your dealership and your salespeople are the ones with which they want to do business.

Question: Doesn’t a customer have to come through my doors to make a connection?

Answer: Absolutely not! In fact, if you wait until the customer comes into your dealership before establishing any kind of connection, you’re missing out on the majority of potential sales.

The truth is that most customers look online before making any kind of purchasing decision, and that includes vehicle buyers. And that is precisely why it is crucial to have powersports Ai Marketing Automation app that will drive leads to your website and then to your dealership.


But don’t think the human connection doesn’t still matter. You can immediately stand out from the majority of competitors by simply having your salespeople follow-up via a phone call when you get a web-generated lead.

Question: How do I make a good impression on online leads?

Answer: Basically, be an expert in your industry. There are a few simple things you can do to stand out and earn the loyalty of prospective customers.

  1. Make it easy for them to find your inventory online.
  2. Speak to them with specific headlines on your site.
  3. Make your offer clearly beneficial to the customer.
  4. Always include a call-to-action that captures your customer’s mobile phone number and
    email address.

Information on the Website

Once someone provides their information on your website, it should ideally go to your powersports Ai marketing automation platform. What happens next? Your app sends the prospective customer informational emails that show you know your stuff and helps them feel like they are placing their loyalty in the right place for their vehicle purchase.

You can spend the next several weeks searching through various websites, forums, and blogs to find answers about how to incorporate marketing automation. You’ll likely get conflicting advice and have to sort through all the confusion.

Or you can just download our free guide now and have the answers you need in minutes.