How the ATV Came Alive!

3 wheeler atv

70's... The decade to remember!

We always find ourselves wondering where items or just everyday things we use started. Diving into the history of the well renowned ATV Powersports history it all began in the decade of freedom & adventure.

With Powersports ATV History being a large part of our lives these days. Just taking a small step backward of where it all began can open your eyes to appreciate the sport even more!


Honda had taken the leap to introduce the first all-terrain vehicle! The 3 Wheeled 90CC 7HP Engine.  Only for a whopping $595 (US).

1970 honda 90cc


Yamaha follows by introducing its first ATV. The amazing YT125.


Honda jumps back in action & introduces the ATC250R. Which is the first high-performance two-stroke 3 Wheeler adapted from the fine motocross-technology! Kawasaki is right behind with its introduction of their first ATV, the KTL200-A1.


Suzuki is in the game now with their intro to its first ATVs, including the first 4-wheeled ATV, QuadRunner LT125. Included an odometer, five forward speeds &  reverse. Honda begins to sell the first ATV designed specifically for utility use, the ATC 200E ‘Big Red’ three-wheeler.


Yamaha and Honda begin selling four-wheeled ATVs only 2 years after Suzuki revealed their first 4-wheeled ATV.


Suzuki introduces the first high-performance, two-stroke four-wheeler, the QuadRacer LT250. Polaris Industries becomes the first North American company to enter the ATV business, introducing snowmobile technology such as automatic transmissions to replace manual gearboxes and floorboards rather than footpegs. Kawasaki offers its first four-wheeled ATV.



Honda debuts the first 4-wheel-drive quade, Four Trax 350 4x4 while introducing the most successful racing quad in history, the FourTrax 250R two-stroke.


All ATV manufacturers agree to stop selling three-wheeled models after safety concerns were raised by the U.S. government. Prompting the ATV industry to launch safety programs to help train riders. Honda introduces the FourTrax 300 and FourTrax 300 4×4, which become the most popular & versatile ATVs in history selling more than 530,000 units over the next 12 years. (That's a lot of units!)


Disappearing from the showroom. The last holdout in the high-performance 250cc two-stroke four-wheeler class, the Suzuki QuadRacer!


The first Arctic Cat ATVs go on sale.


Bombardier of Valcourt, Que. begins selling ATVs. Everyone is catching on now.

1990's (late) to early 2000's

The revival of high-performance ATV models returns back to showroom floors with all-new premium 4-stroke models from virtually every ATV manufacturer.


The largest engine introduced by Polaris! A 683cc engine, the largest ever so far in an ATV, on its Sportsman model. It sells for $7,399!


Bombardier introduces the fuel-injected 800cc Outlander, a V-twin-powered machine that features class-leading horsepower and torque.


Top Honors! Arctic Cat takes top honors for the year with their new ThunderCat 1000, twin-cylinder four-stroke sport/utility model.


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