Technology Transitions – Is Your Team Ready?


Perhaps the most challenging part of technology enhancements is getting the sales team on board. In a people-based industry like sales, many professionals balk at the idea of letting in software applications and other would-be solutions that appear to be taking over their daily tasks. However, part of getting your team ready for the transition is making sure that they understand precisely what the technology does and that it’s for their benefit. Powersports CRM Integration can be scary.. but don't worry.. Having a seamless vendor with integrations will be no problem!


Change the conversation by starting the discussion with your “oldest” sales staff first. The ones who have been in the industry the longest are going to have the most difficulty adapting to new technology and understanding how it is helping them, rather than making them obsolete. CRM software, powersports crm integration and automation tools, and other technology have been created to assist the sales team, not replace them. Highlight the best features of the tools you are going to implement and show how they’ll alleviate most of the pain points in your sales process.

While you can appreciate the benefits for the business, most of your sales team is going to have one question in mind: what can this upgrade do for me?

Show them. Point out how powersports CRM integration and automating tasks open up their time to do less paperwork and spend more time fostering customer relationships for the future of the business. After all, in an industry like powersports, the value of repeat customers is immeasurable because they cost so much less to target than new leads. This deeper level of relationship building will be attractive to the old school sales types.


Another hurdle in technology upgrades is the fear that your team won’t be able to learn the software appropriately or quickly enough. The good news is that software developers are aware of the need for simple, user-friendly interfaces and a quick setup that allows people to get right back to work. If people feel like they can’t adapt to something, they aren’t going to use it. Think of your least tech-savvy sales rep. Can they use the tools you’re about to implement? If not, you might want to consider other options.


The good thing about changing the old school sales mindset is that the end game is ultimately the same: customer satisfaction and relationship building. If you can point this out to people, you can work on shifting the entire sales culture, rather than just changing out the tools that they use. This will be imperative for the future of your powersports dealership. It’s one thing to adopt new technology for your sales team. It’s another thing to change their way of thinking so that they are ready for the future of sales.

Get people excited about changes. Focus on the best features and advantages of the various software applications and tools out there. Use examples when you can to show them just how easy it can be, and how much more time they’ll have to spend with their treasured customers. If you approach technology upgrades as a win, they’ll be more likely to end up that way. Ensuring you have a vendor that has a seamless Powersports CRM Integration & training program is huge!


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