CRM Software as a Sales Tool: Taking Powersports Sales into 2020

crm software as a sales tool

2020 Sales Tools!

In most businesses, customer service and sales are two separate departments. This is the case for the current powersports industry, but it isn’t going to stay that way for long. As a part of the future of sales, customer service is taking its role front and center as a tool available to sales teams that can help improve sales, encourage repeat business, and more. Your powersports CRM software tools solution is the secret weapon your sales team didn’t know they had available.

Customer experience is becoming the single-most-important factor in determining whether or not a customer will return to your dealership.

It’s also a huge metric that can often make or break whether the customer even buys anything in the first place. If a visitor doesn’t have a solid experience in their initial interactions with your sales team, they aren’t likely to become a customer at all.

Anyone Can Sell

It’s the 21st century, and the Internet has made almost everything available to nearly everyone at the drop of a hat. In the powersports industry, the internet may not be as daunting for business because you still have a dealership where you can close the deal. However, in a specialty industry like this, people are willing to go out of their way to get the best toys and accessories so they will be far more likely to shop around.

When they’re looking for the most reputable powersports dealer, they aren’t looking for someone who has strong sales tactics. The customer wants service, and you need to deliver. Part of that comes in having the best powersports CRM software tools to manage and monitor your customer base, as well as to build relationships that keep your customers coming back in the future.

CRM Software That Sets You Apart

PSXDigital is a platform that is designed to take your powersports dealership into the future of sales and dealership success. These platforms are designed to allow for information capture at each step of the buying journey, making it easier for the sales team to track what customers are looking for and convert those “just looking” into customers. When you do it right, you can use your customer service tools as sales tools by creating a strong reputation of catering to people’s needs and delivering the best shopping experience.

All of the information that you gather can help build an image of your customer that accurately depicts their expectations, their needs, and their goals in coming to your powersports dealership. Having that image will allow you to tailor the ideal customer experience, and your products will essentially sell themselves.

Mobile-First Focus

The biggest roadblock in Powersports CRM software tools is their previous requirement to keep salesmen chained to desks or require them to have access to laptops, at the very least. Today's platforms, such as the PSX powersports CRM tool, are designed to be used on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means your sales team can have customer information at hand at all times, and have more mobility on the sales floor. If you want to start 2020 on the right foot, make sure you’re using your CRM software to the best of its abilities, including as a proper sales tool.