If Customers Aren’t Leaving Their Information, They’re Not Failing You — You’re Failing Them

Customer Information

Customer Information

The word “fail” is not a favorite of most business owners. But that may be exactly what you’re feeling if -- despite your best efforts -- you’re not getting any visitors to leave customer contact information through your website. Where is the powersports customer loyalty.

There is; however, hope, for your online lead generation efforts.

You can turn around dismal lead numbers by focusing on asking for the right information in the right way. Here’s our advice for getting potential buyers comfortable with leaving their customer information.

Have clearly stated headings on your pages

You can have lead generation forms on multiple pages on your website. In fact, we suggest that you do have a form in more than one place. After all, you don’t want to miss a lead because they aren’t looking for the one particular place on your site that has your sign-up form.

To get them to stay on a page long enough to find the sign-up button, you need to have clearly stated headings. The heading should very simply state what is on the page they are visiting. Then helps get your Powersports Customer Loyalty more in line.


If it’s your specials page, it should say “specials”. If it’s your trade-in page, it should say something like, “Value your trade” or “Instant trade-in estimate”. Don’t try to mislead them. You have to give value to get value, meaning in exchange for giving them the information they need, you request that they provide the information you need.

Show them real offers

Speaking of value for value, every page that has a sign-up form should have some kind of offer. On your vehicle details pages, the offer is quite simply the price for the Powersport vehicle you are selling. Don’t try to hide the price or be shady about it. Give them your real offer.

Aside from the price for vehicles, there are other things you can offer of value on your website. Most often, leads are looking for information.

On the specials page, you can offer a discount that applies to any vehicle, which they gain access to when they provide information on your form.


Your credit pre-qualification page can also provide value. It provides the shopper the value of convenience by getting pre-qualification established before they come into your dealership. You can set up a simple credit pre-qualification page where they give you basic customer information that goes into your follow-up system.

Always include a specific Call to Action

You have a heading so they know where they are. And you have an offer that provides something the prospective customer wants. You just need one more thing to have the basics for improving online lead generation.
You have to have a specific call to action.

That means the button or link where the site visitor clicks tells them where they need to click and why. Even if you tell them your offer elsewhere on the page, it’s extremely important that you include the why directly on the link.


That way, they have no reason to hesitate or second guess why they should click. So don’t just end your offer with a button that says, “Click here.” It should say, “Click here to get special pricing” or “Click here to get pre-qualified”.

Once you have these basics established, you should see more of your traffic converting to leads. Now you have your Powersports Customer Loyalty back.

For more on lead optimization for Powersports, download our guide to getting web leads into your dealership.

For more on lead optimization for Powersports, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD our guide to getting more leads into your dealership.