Data Entry is for Desk Jockeys: Get Your Sales Team Back on the Floor with Marketing Automation

powersports data entry

Behind the desk..!

Lead generation is critical in any dealership. However, it's not so critical that you want to sacrifice your entire sales team to the task of Powersports data entry updating records and keeping track of customer information. Chasing leads is essential, but if your sales staff is stuck behind the desk, you're chasing customers out the door when they aren't getting attention on the sales floor.


powersports data entry

If you have marketing automation tools in place already (as you should), adding in lead generation AI is going to be simple. You'll have to find a solution that can take over as many possible tasks as you can find to automate. Data entry and keeping track of customer leads have to be done, but today it doesn’t have to be done by your sales staff. You can rely instead on the advancements in technology to take the tedious work off your plate and focus your energy on your customers.


Lead marketing automation tools are designed to handle every aspect of the lead generation process. More importantly, they allow your Powersports dealership to cultivate and manage leads 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what your sales team is doing or who is available. Your AI will always be ready to deliver personalized information and help generate leads from all types of sources.


How many hours a week does your sales team spend on lead generation? Are you continually seeing people sitting at their desks, checking emails on their phone, or otherwise spending time that is not on the sales floor? Add up those minutes between all your sales employees and see just how many hours in the day you’re losing that they could be spending with customers. A large amount of time is wasted on Powersports data entry.


When you add lead marketing automation to your CRM platform, you will have no trouble keeping your lead generation strong. You might even be able to get more out of it than you expected with the assistance of AI. Either way, your sales team will be able to get out on the sales floor and focus their efforts on the deal. This is going to increase your bottom line, your productivity, and your customer satisfaction at once. No more looking back and Powersports data entry again.


The goal with your CRM and marketing automation tools is to make everything as easy and efficient as possible. Adding lead marketing AI is going to further that goal in more ways than one.