Common Customer Types


Your existing customers are the lifeblood of your Powersports dealership. Without them, you’re up the creek without a paddle. It costs five times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep one you’ve already earned, plus your existing customers are already familiar with your brand, have an established relationship with your company, and are primed for future purchases. It is crucial to know the most common Powersports Data Types.

However, in order to effectively market to them, you’ll need to know more about them. Audience segmentation is important, and understanding the most common types of Powersports dealer customers will help you with that.


One of the most common customer Powersports Data Types to know is The Parent. In this case, the customer doesn’t necessarily own an ATV, motorcycle, Jet Ski or other equipment themselves. It was purchased in the past (or they’re currently shopping for) their child.


Quite a few of your customers will fall into this category. These are the work hard, play hard group, but you will also find a few people here who only use their equipment a few weekends per year. During the week, these customers are on the job, but when the weekend rolls around, it’s time to hit the trail, the road, or the waves for days of fun in the sun.



In some cases, you’ll find that the purchase of Powersports equipment is the culmination of a lifetime dream. These tend to be higher-end options that satisfy more than just the need for fun on a weekend or provide the chance to get out in nature for a little while. Often, these are older customers with more money to spend, who are also more open to purchasing accessories to improve their experience.


Quite a few of your customers might fall into this category. They can be of any age, but this is the first time they’ve purchased any type of Powersports equipment. They probably have a very rough idea of what they want, but they need education and value a personal relationship with your dealership to help them find the ideal option.

These are just some of the Powersports Data types of customers that you’ll encounter. The most important thing to do is to flesh out your customer database with enhanced information so you can build an accurate picture of each customer, what they want, need, and value, and then determine how you can deliver in those areas.