Coming out of Lockdown…. Whats the plan?

powersports dealership lockdown

COMEBACK AFTER COVID: Tips for massive success!

Have you thought of a plan? What are you going to do when the doors are back open & the customer's flood in? Are you just going to wing it, throw punches as needed, or do what you can?

PLAN..? What plan?

OR…. Be the one with the plan? Be the one with structured goals? Be the one with a solid strategy? BE THE ONE AHEAD OF THE GAME?


Larry Bruce, CEO & CO-Founder of PSXDigital, joins with some heavy hitters in the Powersports Industry. We can simply say “The Extreme Dealer Squad” has landed.

  • Ryan Gentry – President of Edge Performance Sports
  • Jason White – GM of Fay Myers Motorcycle World
  • Daniel Vartanian – GM of Glendale Harley-Davidson

It’s dampening having state officials shutting the doors on many Powersports dealerships nationwide due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This doesn’t keep folks from hitting the trails!

This is the time to reel back and get a game plan. Ignoring this time at hand to not educate or prepare yourself, your dealership & your staff; will have more damage than success.

Listen in on what they have to say on their view for the COMEBACK AFTER COVID: Tips for massive success!



Take a dive into the "5 things your dealership should starting RIGHT NOW to prepare for an economic downturn".

Why wait until the last minute. Prepare not just yourself however your staff and most importantly your dealership!