The New School of Sales: Tools & Technology


Powersports Dealership Technology Tools is changing the face of sales as we know it and at quite a rapid pace. No longer are your sales reps waiting for people to walk in off the street, uninformed and ready to be sold one of the latest additions to your showroom. Now, the majority of people entering your powersports dealership have already done their homework online and are nearly ready to buy, if not entirely so. Some people may only come in to sign paperwork and see their new toy in person.

Powersports Dealership Technology Tools Are A Must Have!

There is always going to be some residual traffic into your dealership that still has that ”just browsing” mentality. Those aren’t the people that you need to focus on, though, because updating your sales toolkit means focusing on the most likely buyers. Those who have already finished 60-70% of the buying process are your better prospects.

New Tech, New Focus

So, if you’re not selling, then what are you doing? Primarily, according to industry experts, you are facilitating the customer experience. People know what they want, and today’s consumer isn’t afraid to demand it. Since the Internet has opened up the competition and created a market where you are now battling against the rest of the country or even the world, your focus needs to be on giving the customers exactly what they want.

Customers want easy transactions. They want solid relationships with brands that they can trust, and especially when they’re spending as much as they are on something like powersports equipment. They want a reputable source of information and support that also happens to sell all the toys they’ve ever wanted to buy. You can use a lot of technology resources to help you deliver this, and more, to your target customer base. With the Powersports Dealership Technology Tools this can help you largely.

Therefore, the most valuable Powersports Dealership Technology Tools available to your powersports dealership will be things like:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software: This aggregates and integrates all customer data across departments and helps sales teams approach the right customers in the right manner based on their history and current needs.
  • Social Media: In addition to sales, you need to use social media channels to build that sense of authority with your audience. Share relevant industry news and insight, create your blog and promote it through social networking, and find other ways to connect with customers to build the relationships that they demand.
  • Integration and Automation Tools: When you implement technology to assist with tedious and repetitive tasks, you free up the sales team to spend more time cultivating customer relationships, which will drive sales with much less effort than old school methods.

The Bottom Line

Technology isn’t replacing your sales team, and it never will. New tools are designed to assist your sales team and make their jobs more efficient. Of course, you have to implement the right tools and know what they offer to make the right decisions for your team. Keep this in mind when enhancing your technology for the benefit of sales and make sure that the tools discussed here are a part of your strategy.


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