Powersports Desking vs. Automotive Desking Needs – Are They Different?

Blog - Powersports vs. Auto Desking

Blog - Powersports vs. Auto Desking

To some, a dealership is a dealership.

But if you work in the sales or finance areas of a Powersports dealership, you know this is a different animal - altogether - than a standard car store. As such, the technology and sales solutions that are used should be different, as well.

Auto desking solutions are effective enough, and there are even some state-of-the-art programs that outshine the competition. Still, however, they aren’t ideal for Powersports transactions.

Here's what you need to know. 

Powersports Dealerships See Multi-Unit Sales

When you go out to buy a new vehicle, you (hopefully) come home with a new vehicle. When someone goes in to shop at a Powersports dealership, they might have one major purchase in mind, but there’s a good chance that they will walk out with a variety of items that complement their new toy. If the sales process isn’t moving fast enough because you don’t have the right Desking solutions, you are not just losing one potential sale! You're losing multiple transactions right now and the potential for dozens of transactions in the future. 

Desking tools designed specifically for the Powersports dealership will provide the convenience of multi-purchase integration so that every department can see every item that a customer is buying, including the sales terms and payment details. Having this information allows the sales and finance teams to feel more confident when approaching the customer with the numbers. 

Ease of Offering

Again, thanks to the integration of multiple purchases in one, this system makes it easy for the sales team and finance department to completely customize financing offers for customers and present them with flexible options for their purchase; whether they are financing, leasing, or paying cash for the items that they buy. Instead of having to run a bunch of different data and numbers, you can modify the information already in the system and manipulate the numbers to get your customers exactly what they need in real-time. 

Plus, with the right desking tool designed for Powersports, you can do that so much faster and easier than ever before. If you had to write up separate transactions, you could end up costing the customer a lot of valuable time. That's often what loses sales for a business, or what keeps a customer from returning in the future. 

Have a Good Time

People generally have to purchase a vehicle when they come into a car dealership. There are times when this is not a “necessary” purchase, but it almost always will be. Therefore, customers are generally more understanding that they may have to wait and more willing to put up with the excess back-and-forth between departments during the completion of the deal. 

Powersports aren’t a necessity. More importantly, they’re a lot of fun! This is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, so shouldn’t buying a new toy be just as fun as using one?

You need to remain professional, but you should also make sure that your customers are having a good experience and enjoying their time in your dealership. If you provide them with a streamlined, integrated sales process that makes things quick and easy, they’ll remember that.


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