The Importance of Digital Branding for your Powersports Dealership


Too often, powersports dealerships rest on the laurels of their physical dealership and see their online presence merely as an extension of that business. The reality of today’s internet is that your dealership needs to be two completely different solutions in one: a complete physical dealership, as well as a complete virtual dealership. Powersports digital branding and building the right reputation are critical to making the most successful online dealership.


Image isn’t just how consumers see your dealership. That's a part of it, but there’s more to it than that. Image, in terms of branding, is all about how people perceive your dealership. The right image will give people the perception that you are a reputable, trustworthy dealership that truly has their best interests in mind. If you have a strong brand image, it shows that you are committed to providing a reputable product to customers. If your image is weak or inaccurate, it will appear inconsistent and unprofessional and could result in a reduction in your sales and conversions.


The biggest thing that most powersports dealerships struggle with when making the transition to virtual dealerships is that they try to use the same marketing and branding tools that they used on their physical dealership. While some methods are tried-and-true across all mediums, others aren’t going to be as effective. If you want to build the best image, you have to utilize the right tools and make sure that they were designed for virtual dealership support and branding.

Just as your physical dealership needs to have a presence that makes a good first impression, so does your online dealership. You'll need to utilize tools like photos and videos to showcase your inventory and use the physical space to add a professional dealership image to your virtual space. Make sure that you incorporate advanced inventory search tools and other resources that show visitors that your entire existence is to help them get the powersports equipment they need with ease.


As many as 52% of consumers reported opting not to purchase from a specific brand simply because of bad brand aesthetics or a poor professional image. That means you’re losing more than half of your audience if you have a poor image or if you don’t take the time to learn how to brand effectively. Rebranding can cost as much as 10% of your annual marketing budget, so it’s not something that you want to have to do on a regular basis. Take the time to get it right the first time.


If you just threw up a website and walked away, you aren’t doing your dealership justice when it comes to its virtual presence. Just as you have to create an ideal space in your physical dealership, you need to create the right shopping environment online, as well. Part of that includes having a consistent, solid brand image that can stand up to the increasing market of competition & have a clear Powersports Digital Branding in place.


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