Automotive VS Powersports

Danny:  Well Larry we spent a lot of time dealing with Automotive dealerships over the past 20 years and helping them with customer relationship Management systems. But really honestly, what do you think is different when it comes to Powersports Marketing? Why is it such a different atmosphere and a different venue from what we've done in the past?


Larry: Oh wow.  Powersports Marketing is almost exactly like automotive to me.  Except, where there are differences, and there are few, they’re really big.  Right?  So in Powersports, for example, there's a lot of… it's more like a retail store almost.  And you have a lot more accessory sales, and you have more of an atmosphere like you're going to buy a toy.  Because for me or you or anybody else,the excitement is actually much higher, than on a car even these days, because you're not buying a utility type vehicle.  Right?   It’s not utilitarian.  This is very much a toy and your excitement level is much higher.


Danny: So I might be dealing with more than one customer at a time.

Larry: Oh, for sure.  For sure.  That happens quite often.  You know, we had to contend for… building… working up to three customers at a time.  Because you just don't have the same level of people, there’s not as many.  Car dealerships have a hard time hiring salespeople to begin with.

Danny:  Oh, sure.


Larry:  Powersports Marketing dealers are like 5x that hard. They really have a much harder time hiring people.  But the really nice part about it, is the people that they do hire that sell these Powersports machines; most of these guys love the machines.  That's the reason they do it.  They love to ride.  They love doing what they do. Powersports Marketing can make a big difference in having customers come back to you!

Danny: Sure.

Selling this is a way for them to connect with that, that passion.  And at the same time make a living.  It's good and bad.  There are a lot of greats with it, and there are a lot of drawbacks to it.  But in the end; you know, you have just a few nuances that are different, but those different nuances are extremely different.

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